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Piezo bridge patch - enjoy and comment
by birro on 2012-10-15 19:02:10.3950

Hey guys,

I've just given me a gift (lol): a Cort M-Custom. It's a semi-hollow guitar with a Seymour Duncan JB (bridge), a Seymour Duncan '59 (neck) and a Fishman Powerbridge. On this bridge lies the piezo of my guitar. The body looks like a regular PRS, so it's not big.

Just as a brief, it's a well constructed guitar, with great finishing, great pickups and the piezo. I'm overjoyed by the great piece of gear considering its cost. It really surpassed my expectations. A great purchase with a great price. Follows the photo of my new baby :


I always wanted a guitar with a piezo, and I was in a need for one due to the songs my band has been playing. Considering the options we have on the market, my dream would be a Musicman John Petrucci, but it's incredibly expensive and that's why after lots of research I went for the Cort and I'm delighted with it.

Checking Customtone I just couldn't find a patch that the piezo sounded right. I was looking for something like John Petrucci's live sound with the piezo, but a bit different. With less bright, more fat, more realistic.

I play it plugged in the front of a Fender Princeton, not in line nor through a P.A.

First of all, I tested ALL the amps at my HD500. They just "killed" the piezo sound. Without an amp it sounded way more real. The thing is that a patch without an amp makes you lose lots of volume. That's why my patch has 3 boosters, just to match the other tones volume. It clips a little and you have to set the volume of your piezo. I'm still working on this clip. Incredibly the reverb tone made lots of difference giving more shape and depth, sounding less "dry" and thick.


1) Piezo switch: I only use the piezo. I don't mix it with the guitar pickups. Full piezo sound.

2) Piezo treble: maximum. 10.

3) Piezo volume: put it to 10 and reduce until the patch doesn't clip at your taste.

Strings: Ernie Ball Slinky 010

With this patch, plugged in front of the Fender, it REALLY sounded amazing!

I hope you guys who have a guitar with piezo enjoy or at least get enough room to start tweaking.

And also if you have tips, tricks or improvements, please post.">">


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