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Peeling on JTV 89 Bridge
by efxtr on 2012-10-16 00:05:36.7720

Does anyone experience peeling/bubbling on finishing of bridge?

Also suggestions regarding the corrosion around piezo is appreciated, WD-40 products are suggested in some forums but I don't have any experience.


Re: Peeling on JTV 89 Bridge
by JB1973 on 2012-10-17 10:12:27.0890

damn I have never seen a guitar look that bad, what would make it do that?

Re: Peeling on JTV 89 Bridge
by efxtr on 2012-10-17 11:13:11.3940

I've no idea, I've been using it in home, I even didn't take it outside. Nickel plating is seperating from the bridge.Other parts (frets, knobs etc) of the JTV are ok. I believe that there was a misproduction in nickel plating of bridge. My warranty is still valid and I got in touch with local distributor and they said that they'll take care of it.

My old prs (including bridge) still looks the same as the first time I hold it.

Re: Peeling on JTV 89 Bridge
by davidb7170 on 2012-10-18 20:07:07.5020

I had a similar problem with my JTV-59 -- recieved it in May 2011. By mid-July 2011, I had the plating wearing and also my low-A string piezo was cutting out in humid conditions. I played some hot, humid outside festivals (summer in Iowa). I worked with Rich Renken for several months, and I convinced L6 to send me a replacement bridge. I'm going to try (for the 2nd time) to place a picture below of my old bridge. I could see bronze or copper-color coming out on the bass side of the bridge. The 59 and 89 bridges are identical, except for the color, I believe.

OK, I give up. I've inserted pictures before but the damned editor is not reacting to "insert image". Dunno what's up with that... Oh Well....

ANYWAY, the upshot is that it appeared that they were having some QA problems with their original hardware mfg, and switched manufacturer, because when I installed the new bridge, I noticed the casting marks and some othe minor things were different with the new one versus the old. About that same time, they were changing the design of their JTV-69 tremolo bridge, so it may have been in that mfg problem time, as well. I installed the new one in Feb 2012, and used it all summer (again in hot humid outside jobs, and it did not have any problems, and I made sure to wipe it off after every gig, and it is still as shiny and smooth as the day I got it.

I couldn't spare the guitar to send it back at that point (lots of gigs), so I convinced them that I could do it, and it was not that hard. I had to basically reproduce my physical set up of it, so I measured the hell out of it and tweeked it back to my preferred setup and intonation. Not for the faint hearted, but do-able...


ps -- I attached the pic. We'll see if that works -- could not insert it directly...

pps -- Ok I give up a second time -- tried to attach a jpg and it reported an error that this type of file is not allowed, though it is clearly one of the types of allowed content.... See the emoticon worked -- really...

Re: Peeling on JTV 89 Bridge
by efxtr on 2012-10-18 23:42:56.5150

Dave, thank you for your reply. It seems that we've experienced same problem. I'm going to take my guitar to local distributor -I bought it in Turkey-, I wonder if they accept it as a manufacturing problem or not.

By the way, after writing to forum,  a service manager from Line 6 (thank you Mark) sent me a mail asking if I need their help regarding the issue , I hope local distributor is going to be as welcoming.

PS: Is it possible that the size of the pic is greater than 2 mb?

Re: Peeling on JTV 89 Bridge
by Benni2407 on 2012-10-20 04:23:35.1660


I have the exact same problem as you describe with my JTV-59. I see copper colour coming through the bridge where my palm normally rests while playing. I have just sent the guitar in for other repairs (that dodgy switch again!) and as I read your post here, I wrote to Line6 if they could eventually replace the bridge also. Now answer till now, but I hope they will do so!

Thank you for your post! Otherwise I would not have known about that manufacturer change!



Re: Peeling on JTV 89 Bridge
by davidb7170 on 2012-10-20 14:00:14.0630

Ok -- I reduced the file size. It strted out as a 3MB jpg, when I initially reduced it to send or attach, I took it to 50%, which made a 570kB file. I just cut it in half again and now it's 190kB. Let's see if inserting works... Nope, didn't work.. Going to try attaching again...

The Picture shows the original bridge removed. I took pic's as I was in the process. It shows the bass side to the right, where the plating had come off and you can see the orange color of copper or bronze coming through. The piezo seconfd from the right is the low-A string position that would quit sending signal to the processor when conditions where humid. I examined the piezos and each of them could be moved in their cases except that one, which apparently was oxidized (rusted) in place. I kept the bridge, and am hanging onto it for spare parts if anything goe awry with the newone, but I honestly don't think it will as it is staying bright & shiny as the day I installed it. I haven't heard of this on the forums, so I thought I just got one that the plating was sub-par.

We'll see if the jpg attachment makes it...

Well, I'll be damned... see below. My file was "JTV-59_Bridge_Replace.jpg", the file size was 192 KB (196,608 bytes). Ok, you tell me what was wrong...

Ok changed it to a gif rather than jpg -- don't know why it allowed that and not the jpg....


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