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XD-V55HS Carry Case
by StrumFunky on 2012-10-17 09:41:07.5700

Hello, all!  I purchased a part #98-033-0028 Carry Case for my XD-V55HS wireless headset system, and it's much too deep for my receiver.  Line 6's site info says that this carry case is supposed to fit XD-V30/35/55 systems.  The info with the carry case states that it's for the XD-V70 system.  Have I purchased the wrong case? Is this supposed one-size-fits-all not entirely true? 

Re: XD-V55HS Carry Case
by RonMarton on 2012-10-17 14:46:44.9270

I'm guessing you're referring to Line 6's 98-033-0038 carry case, which would seem to be a "custom" version of the GM-1WEVA case made specifically for Line 6 by Gator:

Before this was available from Line 6, I purchased what I think is its Gator predecessor from Sweetwater and you'll find my highly favourable review of that case here:

Sadly, the only info I've been able to glean about Line 6's offering is from the tiny photo at the bottom of this web page:

from which it seems to have just one zippered "rubber ducky" antenna slot, whereas Gator's GM-1WEVA has two, even though the pre-production version that appears in Gator's publicity snaps is (like Line 6's) only depicted as having one.

Either way, these cases are deliberately built "too deep" for the receiver bodies they're designed to house, with a view to accommodating ancilliary "bits and pieces", well as providing vital "crumple zone" protection for front-panels, rear-panels and (relatively) delicate BNC hinge-mounted antennae.

Accordingly, I'd be very surprised and disappointed if the zippers of Line 6's 98-033-0038 case weren't located at the required distance from an XD-V55 front panel for correct "in situ" deployment of that enclosed receiver's rear BNC-mounted whip antennae. 

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.