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POD X3 Live component placement
by beebeekei on 2012-10-18 01:46:31.6140

Hi, guys!

Need a help.

My POD X3 Live doesn't send a sound on any of the outputs. The only thing I know, that sound inputs are working (I can see it through a tuner). This thing happend after power adapter failed.

I changed power adapter, made facory reset and updated flash - nothing helped.

I gave my POD to a man, that works with circuitry - and he needs component placement...the only thing I found is service manual (see attachment), but it doesn't show component placement.

P.S.: I don't have an opportuinity to send my POD to a service center due to my location.

P.P.S.: the problem is on a hardware level, because we took an ordinary wire and connected one of the transistors and an output detail directly - the sound has appeared. But it's not an option, cause some detail on a path between those two has been damaged.

Need your help, guys.

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