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DT25 sound dropped out
by dkleinjans on 2012-10-19 06:55:39.5260

Hi, I've looked for any other discussions on this problem, but haven't found any. I was trying a DT25 along with my HD500 and JTV-59. We finished a song, and when I went to start the next one, I had no sound at all. I checked all the obvious things, like guitar volume, the volume pedal, whether the tuner was on, etc, but I couldn't find anything wrong. I powered the amp off and back on and the problem went away. After reading a bunch of posts, I bought a AES/EBU cable for the L6 Link, thinking that maybe I'd had a communication error. I had been using a regular mic cable. The same thing happened again. This time, I corrected it by switching to another patch on the HD, then back. It feels like a comm error. Any thoughts? If you don't change anything on the HD500, how often does it update control information on the amp? I was still in my trial period, so I sent the amp back, but I really liked it and would like to buy another one. I just can't have it cutting out in the middle of a performance. Thanks for any feedback.

Re: DT25 sound dropped out
by tdavidhedrick on 2012-10-23 07:38:20.9670

Having the same problem

Has worked flawlessly for two+ years tho

Re: DT25 sound dropped out
by spikey on 2012-10-23 19:57:02.9130

I am in agreement that it has to do with the xlr cable or the HD and the xlr cable when hooked into the DT25. Mine went silent, and so I hooked my strat directly into the DT25's 1/4 inch jack. Still no sound, until I pulled out the xlr cable going to the HD500. Immediate sound!!!

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