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My Spider Valve 212 has died.
by curtispardy on 2012-10-19 19:44:34.6900

Tonight my amps volume was dying and it progressively got worse, then it died altogether. No sound... nothing! Could it be a fuse or maybe a bad power tube?

Re: My Spider Valve 212 has died.
by nicman on 2012-10-21 16:19:21.4590

I've had the exact same problem. Now mine just all of a sudden started working again one day so I didnt have to do anything. To start with let the amp stay unplugged for 24 hrs and check both fuses. If they're good check the tubes by turning on the amp and see how illuminated they are. Possibly then check the tubes by pulling them out. You can then get new tubes or sit it down for 2 weeks and then come back to it and then it works fine and if it doesnt possibly get tubes or take it to a tech. How long have you had the amp and when was it re-tubed and biased.

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