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where can i buy a eprom chip?
by mindtwist07 on 2012-10-19 21:24:43.6310

Hi, Where can i buy a eprom chip for my FM4? Ive checked the board and it seems some of the pins on the Eprom chip are dead thats why its acting weird. But the whole circuit board is ok. Can i buy this directly through a service center? or are there any dealers outside of line 6?


Re: where can i buy a eprom chip?
by TheRealZap on 2012-10-19 22:10:22.3580

you can only buy parts directly from L6 service centers:">">

assuming the service centers sell parts... they are independent and may decline without the labor.

and then there is the matter of availability....

but you have to go through the service centers either way.

Re: where can i buy a eprom chip?
by mindtwist07 on 2012-10-21 19:46:27.5510

ic thanks for the reply..I'll try asking line 6 service center. Although its just an eprom replacement i think there's nothing much to do and i can do the replacement by myself. But if they decline then I have no choice but to accept the charge for the labor since they are the only ones that have the FM4 eprom.

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