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Pod HD Pro wet/dry recording
by tonymdm on 2012-10-20 16:54:20.2100

Hey guys,I was thinking of buying the pod HD pro until I learned that it cannot record a wet and dry signal simultaneously (which seems ridculous that feature would be on models like the ux1 but not this). I am just wondering if there is an alternative way to set up the HD pro to do this, or if I should go with the pod x3 pro instead.

I was thinking a way to do this would be to put podfarm plugins on the tracks before I record, so as I'm recording the dry signal only, I would be able to monitor and and playback the tracks as a processed signal? But even that sounds like a hassle. Would I be better off going with the x3 pro?

Re: Pod HD Pro wet/dry recording
by merdenoms74 on 2012-10-20 17:07:27.7430

I'm a bit confused by the wording of your question - since it's your DAW that does the recording, not the HD. The HD Pro has a separate 'dry through' output, however, so it is possible to send a wet and dry signal at the same time. You would need to a have an interface and DAW that could deal with two separate signals though.

Re: Pod HD Pro wet/dry recording
by tonymdm on 2012-10-20 17:17:04.6640

So I need a separate interface, as in, have my HD Pro and my UX1 running at the same time? I thought the HD pro would replace the need for it

Re: Pod HD Pro wet/dry recording
by silverhead on 2012-10-20 17:18:58.7190

The Pod HD series is designed primarily for live play of electric guitars. It lacks some studio features that the X3 series has, particularly a dry signal over usb, as well as some vocal and acoustic guitar support as built-in presets. It is also not straightforward to record Dual Tones, as it is in the X3. If you are primarily interested in studio work, and want to use the Line 6 usb connection as the recording interface I would go with the X3, either X3 Live or X3 Pro. These devices also have the advantage of sharing tones/presets with the Line 6 plugin, Pod Farm (in some cases the direct tone transfer is limited due to some Pod Farm 2 features that the X3 cannot reproduce). There is no Line 6 plugin that will reproduce the Pod HD tones.

Having said that, the Pod HD tones are far superior to the X3 tones. If you want to take best advantage of this in a studio situation you will need a separate audio interface to your DAW - one that supports multi-channel I/O (the UX1 is not it). With that you can connect the HD Pro Dry Out to one channel input, the HD Pro analog outputs to another (mono or stereo) input channel, and depending on the capabilities of your interface, record the dry and wet signals simultaenously in your DAW while monitoring the wet signal via the HD Pro headphones. After recording the dry signal you can re-amp using the HD Pro and the two independent channels of your DAW - one for output of the dry signal to the HD Pro, and the other to accept the HD Pro outputs as an input. This will allow you to avoid the feedback loop that you face with a single-channel interface.

Hope this helps.

Re: Pod HD Pro wet/dry recording
by tonymdm on 2012-10-20 17:24:22.3360

Thanks that does help! What I am getting from this is I would need to upgrade my UX1 to something like a UX2 with more than 1 input, in order for that to work with the HD Pro. So I think I will go with the X3 Pro because I will be using it an equal amount in the studio and live performance.

Re: Pod HD Pro wet/dry recording
by silverhead on 2012-10-20 17:29:51.4450

You're almost right - but the UX2 won't do it either. You need two independent channels - not just two inputs. For re-amping purpsoes using the HD Pro you need an audio interface that will keep the previously recorded dry signal (whihch it accepts from your DAW and sends to the HD Pro for processing) completely separate from the input signal it will receive from your POD HD Pro outputs after the Pod has processed the signal. These have to be kept separate - otherwise you will encounter a feedback loop in your audio interface. So you need a two-channel (not two-input) interface. And don't confuse the L and R input/output pair as two channels - they comprise a single stereo channel.

Re: Pod HD Pro wet/dry recording
by merdenoms74 on 2012-10-20 17:53:46.3820

I just had a play around with this in Logic- I've only had my Pro for a couple of days.

The good news is that, provided your DAW can record two inputs at once, you can record wet and dry onto two separate tracks at the same time.

1. Take a patch lead from Dry Out to Line In L.

2. Set up a dual tone patch with an amp and fx on the right side only (the bottom chain in HD Pro Edit). Make sure your channels in the HD mixer are panned hard left and right.

3. Set up Two tracks to record in your DAW. Set one track up to receive Input 1 and the other  Input 2.

One of the tracks will record wet and the other dry.  I reamped the dry signal with Pod Farm and it sounds great!

Re: Pod HD Pro wet/dry recording
by silverhead on 2012-10-20 17:57:41.7620

Yep - the recording end is fine with only one stereo channel (L and R recorded on separate tracks). It's the re-amping using the Pod HD that requires two independent channels. Pod Farm has great tones - they're just not the HD tones. And you will also notice that any stereo FX you are using in your guitar tone are lost when you pan it hard L/R. Panning it hard R does not mono-ize the signal; it just means you are getting 100% of the R stereo signal and 0% of the L.

Re: Pod HD Pro wet/dry recording
by tonymdm on 2012-10-20 19:24:06.0660

Okay sweet. So both the X3 and HD Pro can send a processed and dry signal simultaneously. I am not too worried about reamping. So the only real difference between them is that the HD Pro is not as compatible with Pod Farm, but it doesn't really matter because the HD Pro itself has significantly better tone. Sorry if I'm just restating what was said I'm just trying to clarify before I buy!

Re: Pod HD Pro wet/dry recording
by meambobbo on 2012-10-21 08:56:47.9460

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