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Plug ART Tube Mic Pre into UX-1 guitar jack?
by catholicservant on 2012-10-21 05:57:53.1110

I've got a condenser mic that requires 48v phantom power, which the UX-1 does not provide. I've gotten it to work by going through my ART Tube Mic Pre for the phantom power, and running the line-out into one of the UX-1's 1/4" line-in jacks.

But...I'd like to use the UX-1's two 1/4" line-in jacks for some keyboard gear.

Question is...what is the level of the front 1/4" guitar jack? Can it handle the output of the ART Tube Mic Pre?

I won't be able to test until sometime I was wondering if anyone knew the answer. I'll post my findings as well.



UPDATE: Line 6 Support informed me that the front jack (1/4") is -10dBV and the rear line-in jacks (1/4") are +4dBu. As a result, I'm going to route my ART output into the rear line-in jack.

Thanks for the other helpful answers BTW!

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Re: Plug ART Tube Mic Pre into UX-1 guitar jack?
by hulbert on 2012-10-21 21:31:13.1680


   Take this with a grain of salt but I 'think' the input impedance of the ux2 is 1Mohm and I think the ux1 would be the same. Not sure about levels.

If you could get an impedance transformer or a D.I. box that changed line to guitar imp. and levels, I think you'd get the best results. I think these are harder to find though than i.e. mic to line.

Sorry I haven't really answered the question thopugh

God Bless,


Re: Plug ART Tube Mic Pre into UX-1 guitar jack?
by Triryche on 2012-10-22 07:50:58.3610

The guitar in is instrument level. You can use the preamp into this input, you just need to keep on eye the levels coming out of the preamp so you don't come in too hot.

Unfortunately you can not use the UX1's Line Ins in conjunction with the guitar or mic inputs.

You can use guitar and mic simultaneously or Line 1 & 2 in simultaneously, but you can not mix the Line in with the guitar or mic input.

Re: Plug ART Tube Mic Pre into UX-1 guitar jack?
by hulbert on 2012-10-23 06:50:19.8180

No problem. Glad you got the info on the levels from someone.

God bless,


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