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Ok am I being stupid ????
by afkasm on 2012-10-21 09:05:57.1570

Retorical question BTW

I've had the JTV 59 for just over a year now and I noticed something a while back , not seen it mentioned on here so at the risk of being made to look an idiot here goes.

I currently tune down half a step as I use the JTV live and we play everything a semi tone down for the benifit of the singer ( Yes i know that line 6 says tune the guitar to pitch) .Its just easier to go from say the 12 string woody to a full on electric sound by hitting the model select switch and going between mags and model without filling the custom banks  , anyway i digress

When i use the virtual capo not only does the resulting tuning sound half a step down as you would expect seeing as its designed around pitch shifting but it also takes the tuning down another semi tone .

to give an example I was playing some Tremonti songs and decided to turn the open D preset to a D5  (DADADD) so activated the capo , played the strings 6-1 as 10th fret , 12th fret , 12th fret , 14th fret ,15th fret and 10th fret . checked the results with the tuner expecting it to be Db Ab Db Ab Db Db  and it sounds CGCGCC . surely it should be up a semi tone . Went into the Workbench , selected a custom slot , moved the sliders on the fretboard to the above pattern and it worked fine i.e. Db Ab Db Ab Db Db . Also tried it on other tunings i.e. dropped B ( huge Tremonti fan ... dont judge me ) so activated capo played the bottom E at the 7th fret and the rest at the twelth instead of Bb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb  got AGCFAD . And before anyone asks I've been playing for over 30 years so yes i do know where the notes are on the fretboard and the corresponding fret number ..... honest

Any Ideas ?

Re: Ok am I being stupid ????
by phil_m on 2012-10-22 07:48:28.5590

I would imagine that the virtual capo feature is working by figuring out intervals assuming the guitar is in standard tuning. So even though you know you're playing detuned, the Variax in essence doesn't. So when you play the 10th fret on a detuned E-string, the note the Variax is sensing is Db, so that's telling the Variax, "he want's to detune the E-string by 3 half steps..." So if you detune an E-string that's already detuned a half-step down another three half steps, that would give you your C. So in actuality, what you'd really want to do to get the tuning you want is to play everything a half step up on the Variax when you set the alternate tuning.

Re: Ok am I being stupid ????
by afkasm on 2012-10-22 10:44:19.1230

Makes perfect sense , cheers phil .

Yeah thats what i've taken to doing to get the correct pitch , It can still confuse the guitar especially on the higher strings but it usually does as its told after a few attempts ..

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