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Tone testy tastiness?
by guitars69 on 2012-10-22 09:07:17.8020

Updated the FW on the HD500 and thought I'd sit down and record something.  Haven't recorded in like a year and when I did I was using dry tones then PodFarm2 to make the tone.  FIgured I'd get some "wet" tones from the HD and see how it fared.

Any suggestions on improving the tone?  This is the Mesa Boogie with a couple different cabs and mics.  Drums were from Native Instruments Modern Drummer.  I normally use Superior Drummer 2, but the snare is kinda disappointing.  Bass was with Native Instruments Scar Bee MM or something.  Just trying out the MIDI bass.

Re: Tone testy tastiness?
by ciadude2 on 2012-10-23 23:22:48.1130

It's very low-mid heavy, so I'd try lowering the lows a little bit, and perhaps changing the cab.

What kind of guitar are you using and what type of pickups are in it? That can make a huge difference as well.

Also, what type of tone are you looking for? Because "better" is subjective; for example:

I recorded this demo earlier and it's a little bit treble heavy on the rhythm guitars but I like them that way">">

Other people might not like it like that, basically.

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