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MIDI dump ok but M13 not loading
by fakenz on 2012-10-23 18:00:24.4230


  • I have a generic USB to MIDI cable.
  • I've configured the MIDI setup on my MacBookPro.
  • I've done a MIDI dump using SysEx.
  • I'd like to restore the SysEx file but when I hit 'play' on the SysEx Librarian the M13 unit doesn't respond. I'm expectingn it to say something like 'Recieving SysEx file - Standby' in effects unit 4. This doesn't happen.
  • The SysEx Librarian does respond with 'Sending message 1....'
  • Nothing changes on M13 (I changed some setting on a scne to see if it restores the backup)
  • Same when doing Scene dump/restore

Any ideas?



Re: MIDI dump ok but M13 not loading
by fakenz on 2013-01-07 23:55:43.8370

For those interested, the problem I believe is the midi cable. It is a cheap generic one that is not sending midi to the M13 properly. From m13 to computer is fine but not the other way.

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