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FM4 synth settings problem
by html on 2012-10-24 22:27:15.2260

I just got an FM4 and it works awesome for the most thing that seems flaky to me is the synth settings.

It's like they aren't really working right or something.

The volume is considerably lower and almost non-existent even after resetting to factory specs and playing with knobs. I can hardly get any volume out of any of these specifically; • Octisynth / • Synth-O-Matic / • Attack Synth / • Synth String

Is it possible there's a problem with the pedal that would affect only these particular settings? It seems all others work fine.

Re: FM4 synth settings problem
by FuzzExplosion on 2012-12-30 18:27:52.4650

Still having issues? I'm surprised to see no one has responded to this. Almost all the mentioned effects are triggered by attack, if you play too fast it might not be giving the effect time to process, or if your guitar has too low of output, you might not be hitting the effect threshold. I use all of these effects and they don't work the same with all guitars. TIPS: Use the neck pick-up, play around the 12 fret and keep your volume all the way up. Also turn the attack all the way down and you might be able to get away with playing a little faster if thats the case.


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