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pod farm 2.5 plugins in logic dirty sounds
by yabadabaga on 2012-10-25 05:03:28.9420

My podx3 is authorized (yes,showing in green color ) with Line 6 license manager 1.06

and fully updated with line 6 monkey

pod farm 2.55 i installed through line 6 monkey

Gearbox is not on the list in line 6 monkey, there's no option of installing through line 6 monkey

i downloaded gearbox supperatly from line 6 website

in logic 6 audio unit manager, gear box and pod farm 2.55 are marked and i can launch them as plugins in logic

While I use pod farm 2.55  as a plugin in Logic 9 pro 1.9.8 I get only dirty sounds

and when I'm using Gearbox as a plugin in Logic 9 pro 1.9.8 I don't get to hear any effects while choosing i get

only 1 clean sound

can you please help, thanx


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