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Problem with MobileIn & iTunes
by corwynb on 2012-10-25 06:55:20.1830

Hola all!

So yesterday I bought a MobileIn for use with my iPhone 4S (iOS 5.1.1).  Plugged it in, did the firmware update, everything's peachy.  Sounds great, works fine.

Since I got it for the express purpose of playing live to backing tracks, I do some research and give the following method a go:


Q: How can I play along with songs from my iTunes® library?

A: First launch the iTunes app and select the song you want to play along with, press play to start playing song. Press the home button once to exit the iTunes app. Then make sure your Mobile In adaptor is connected and launch the Mobile POD app, audio playback from iTunes will fade out as the Mobile POD app launches. After Mobile POD finishes loading, double press home button to view your currently running applications, swipe your finger to the right to access the iTunes player controls. Press the play button to resume playback of the song you previously selected in iTunes®. Once the playback has started tap the home button one more time to return to the Mobile POD app.


Everything goes swimmingly, EXCEPT, after I get the iTunes track playing again, I go back into Mobile POD...and I get no sound out of the Mobile POD.  It registers a signal from my guitar but the input and output meters freeze where they're at.  I can still do stuff in Mobile POD (i.e., the controls/buttons respond to my finger swipes, as does the app as a whole) but there is ZERO guitar sound coming out of Mobile POD (while IN the mobile pod app) while I have an iTunes track playing.

Anyone got any advice for this?  Was it the firmware update (and if so, can I roll back the firmware)?

Thank you!

Re: Problem with MobileIn & iTunes
by Blasphemoustrat on 2012-10-26 17:24:43.5890

I'm having this exact same problem...and I'm quite up set about it. Hopefully line 6 is working on a fix. The in app music player is far below standard and crashes the iPad just about every time I use it.

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