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DL4 power issues
by burntflag on 2012-10-25 10:43:05.5850

I bought a DL4 from Amazon early this year. It was great but sometimes it just turns off randomly but still working after re connecting it to the power supply. I always use it with its power supply (the one that is recommended) But one day while I was using it It just stopped working, no power.

I live in Colombia, South America so I checked the local service centers recommended by Line6 and the repairman told me that it had a power issue and that the whole board should be replaced. At the first glance he recognize it as a disposable pedal because according to him DL4 have been discontinued for a while. But I still think that it could be repaired, somehow, because I wasn't using it in the wrong way or something.

I think that my device still having warranty but when i bought it it came without a check, or something that comprove my sell. (think that I had to hire a company that ship the device to Colombia) I don't know if in the amazon site still remain some info about my purchase and if it is considered enought to make my warrany valid.

Please inform me if there's a chance of saving my device, It was a lot of money invested and I would not like to lose it. Also if there's a chance shipping it to the US and have it repair there and send it back.


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