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Clicking noise in exported WAV
by rudimentor on 2012-10-25 11:30:50.4430

Hi there,

does anyone have the problem of clicking noises in exported wav files?

The playback directly from the jm4 does sound perfectly.

When I export it to wav it has clicking noises in the file.

I can reduce the problem by turning down the mix level of the recording tracks in the jm4 (I turned them all(drums/guitar/aux)down to 50%),

but there are still some parts broken in the wav file. When i zoom in in Audiacity some samples in a row are for some reason down at 0 db.

That are the places where the sound makes the clicking noise. When I repair those parts manually and restore the waveform everything sounds good.

But this cant be the way!

Is something not OK with my jm4?

Thanks for your answears...

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