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LD 300 Pro blinking light
by fred5bloggs on 2012-10-26 04:55:30.1860

I have an LD300 Pro which I use most weekends for pub gigs, and recently I have noticed something odd happening. It started when I switched the power on and after a few seconds the light started blinking as if I'd changed some of the settings on the preset. When I changed channels and moved back to my main sound the problem would go away but lately the light keeps flashing no matter what I do. It's not a vibration problem because it happens even if I'm not plugged in. Has anyone else experienced this before or know why this is happening?



Re: LD 300 Pro blinking light
by Baker69 on 2012-10-29 14:04:18.4530

I think it does this on all of the LD Amps. Although you haven't physically altered anything the vibrations (however small) can cause the switches to move very slightly thus making the Amp think you've altered a setting (the light blinks to let you know you've changed a setting from the saved Preset settings). Perhaps the rotary switches are too sensitive on these things!

Nothing to worry about, it's just how they are.

Re: LD 300 Pro blinking light
by kweatherhead on 2012-10-29 14:34:29.9360

While I agree with the reason the light blinks (settings altered), I have both an LD150 and a HD400 (for larger gigs) which runs everything from multiple 15" upto 8-10's.  I have run both amps at reasonably high volumes for each amp respectively and have never had the lights start blinking due to a control moving as theroized. I also seems to see these comments, more often, on LD300 & LD400 amps making me wonder if this is more of an issues with those specific models.

Re: LD 300 Pro blinking light
by fred5bloggs on 2012-11-01 01:06:04.1610

Thanks for the replies and suggestions

Last night at rehearsal I think I cured the problem. I pressed the blinking channel button, it went off completely (as expected), then pressed it again and it came on and stayed lit for the rest of the night. I'll keep an eye on it and see if it happens again

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