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Windows 8
by johnpicton on 2012-10-26 09:54:09.0450

OK someone had to ask..... Might as well be me!

Any know issues with the HD range (drivers or software). I am not planning to change to Windows 8 any time soon, but would be interested to know.

Also will my KB37, X3L and Variax workbench software still work?


Re: Windows 8
by mazuwa on 2012-10-27 01:27:30.2640

Here is my opinion:

Testing if windows 7 drivers will also work on windows 8 is not our work. Even if it would work on first sight, it is not officially released.

It will be when in Line 6 download menu Windows 8 will have its own download selection.

Let's hope it will be soon for Windows 8 now has already been released.

Re: Windows 8
by johnpicton on 2012-10-27 01:41:16.2090

I completely agree with you that it is up to Line 6 to sort out some drivers. To be honest I was just a little surprised that the release of Windows 8 is imminent and has been on public beta release for a few months but there hasn't been any mention on these boards.

As I said I am not intending changing any time soon, I am more curious than anything else. Having said that I am sure that there will be people buying computers in the near future that will have Windows 8 pre-installed.

Re: Windows 8
by Octo777 on 2012-10-27 05:37:04.5690

Oh, Windows 8 is coming out?

Cool, time for me to upgrade to Windows 7!

Re: Windows 8
by BigChas52 on 2012-10-27 05:59:58.0190

Line 6 is notoriously slow in releasing drivers for new operating systems. I'd like to updrage to Win 8, but I'm waiting for the L6 drivers to get released.

Re: Windows 8
by bclarke675 on 2012-10-27 06:52:30.0130

I've always found it's best to wait at least six months from initial release to upgrade to a new operating system, as there are always bugs that slip by initially.

Re: Windows 8
by spikey on 2012-10-27 07:15:25.9740

BigChas52 wrote:

Line 6 is notoriously slow in releasing drivers for new operating systems. I'd like to updrage to Win 8, but I'm waiting for the L6 drivers to get released.

+1 ... I just hope SS / medicare will pay for my internet when they are released... ; P

Re: Windows 8
by Shub-Niggurath on 2012-10-27 19:03:35.8950

Im currently running Windows 8 RTM (x64) as my main OS and the line 6 driver works fine. I had to install it from the website manually as my HD Pro didn't show up initially in Monkey. After that, it worked fine; exactly as you'd expect the Windows 7 version to work. I updated the firmware with it yesterday without any issues. HD Pro Edit also works fine - can't speak for any of the other models but I imagine it's the same.

Re: Windows 8
by Mattyo007 on 2012-10-30 16:59:00.8780

So what's the verdict guys will there be a windows 8 drive update soon?
I've updated to windows 8 64 bit version a couple of days ago, the line 6 gearbox, pod farm and pod farm 2 run really well but, there is no signal from my UX2 recording interface to the computer.
What do i have to do for it to work so I can get back to recording again?

Re: Windows 8
by Crusty_Old_Rocker on 2012-10-30 20:17:01.7800

Seriously, don't be too quick to jump onto Windoze 8.  I've been running it for a few months on a slate computer (ASUS EP121) and I have to say it's the worst OS I've ever experienced, yes even worse than Vista.

I'm becoming quite convinced now that Windoze 8 will convert me to Mac.



Re: Windows 8
by spaceatl on 2012-10-30 21:06:43.2260

"So what's the difference between Flynn 7 and Flynn 8?....The box..."

Now Windows looks like an xbox... dirver model doesn't seem to have changed...All my WIndows 7 drivers seem to work fine on Windows 8...When the driver model changes, they won't install anymore...At least that is how it has gone before...

preloaded Lenovo laptop...But I have not been running it long enough or using this laptop enough to really know...I am not liking the new shell all that much...I use my Win 7 stinkpad more than anything else...

Re: Windows 8
by madhat on 2012-11-11 06:35:49.5720

same problem with windows 7 .... sound stops .... i restart my pc, sound works ! ....and ... sound stops yet .... etc ...

I love that !

Re: Windows 8
by A13thGuest on 2012-11-15 16:12:14.5960

Yeah, I'm running into the same issue. Really blows because I'm finally inspired again after a several year drought. Hah! 

Re: Windows 8
by talwilkins on 2012-11-16 04:45:14.6220

With all due respect, Windows 8 isn't much different from Windows 7. Only the start menu has really changed significantly.

Under the hood most is the same or better. The start menu takes some getting used to, I admit but hey. There are many tools you can install to get an Old fashion start menu back (most for free). So if you can't handle change you can keep working the way you're used to, I do ;-)

Or you can enjoy best of both worlds!

Windows 8 is really a big improvement in a lot of ways. It's faster, safer and has a lot of cool improvements.

Of course you need to be carefull all the programs you rely on work on it before you switch. That's good advice with any OS switch.

Don't kid yourself in thinking this is any different with Apple, it's probably a bit worse.

Re: Windows 8
by Rowbi on 2012-11-16 13:33:19.7310

I've had the latest version of POD Farm and drivers running on Windows 8... I think...  It was several months back, but I don't recall having any audio issues when using my POD Studio UX1.

from my perspective, (and I run an IT department for a software company who has been working on WIndows 8 testing for existing products for a while) it seems that anything that will run on W7 will run on W8, application wise that is.  I know drivers are different, but usually if things have changed enough for drivers to have issues, then usually some apps will have issues too...

I do also have a W8 laptop here next to the W7 workstation I'm currently using to type this.  Maybe when I get some more time later this year I'll run things up and see what happens.


Re: Windows 8
by agdtec on 2012-11-18 23:56:13.7830

I have the Pod HD Pro and am running windows 8. 

Monkey works and tone editor both work.

I have  never used pod farm or propeller, so I dont know if those programs are working,

but if the other programs work I would think the others should as well.

But on a side note I really dont like windows 8 much, I dispise the Metro interface, I may re install windows 7.

Re: Windows 8
by talwilkins on 2012-11-19 02:08:35.8020

Get Stardock Start8 and enjoy the best of both worlds!

It really works great and doesn't cost much (€ 5,-).

Re: Windows 8
by A13thGuest on 2012-11-20 16:37:44.3790

Windows 8 benchmarks show an improvement for me compared to 7. Metro? Just don't use it.

I think Line 6 just need to update the drivers and everything will be cool again.

Line 6 Audio-MIDI Devices - 3.54,

Selected Line 6 Device: Line 6 TonePort UX2

Driver Version:

ASIO Settings: ASIO Client: (none)

Re: Windows 8
by sulkbooth on 2012-11-21 00:35:41.2830

I'm using Win8 and it works nicely for my HD500.

Drivers working, monkey working (but I had a few instances where Monkey did not want to update and I had to download the file from the website instead)

Havent tried my X3 or XT yet, they are connected to my DAW with Win7. (using podfarm)

Re: Windows 8
by jimsreynolds on 2012-11-21 02:18:59.6460

Could issue where the USB can go into a power save mode with some devices.  You can disable this ...

  • Select Control Panel from the Start Menu.
  • Open 'Power Options'.
  • Click on 'Change Plan Settings' next to the power plan that you are currently running and is selected to edit the plan
  • Click on 'Change Advanced Power Settings'
  • Select 'USB Settings' from the Drop down list and 'Disable' all items under the 'USB Selective Suspend' list.


You can make these changes independently for each power plan so, if it bothers you turning this off, just copy the current power plan and make the changes to the copy.  That way you can flip over to the new plan only when you are working on the Pod.

Details of setup are for Windows 7 but should be similar on Window 8 (I hope !)

Re: Windows 8
by Rowbi on 2012-11-30 07:17:28.9460

johnpicton wrote:

OK someone had to ask..... Might as well be me!

Any know issues with the HD range (drivers or software). I am not planning to change to Windows 8 any time soon, but would be interested to know.

Also will my KB37, X3L and Variax workbench software still work?


on the downloads page, if you select any OS, and the software you want, you'll see that the supported OS for some things already included WIndows 8.

Monkey 1.62, the latest version of POD HD edit (for the difference POD HDs), POD Farm 2.55, the drivers for all POD HD's and POD Studio devices, and also the M20d mixer.

There may be more, but I didn't look at anything else.

So much for L6 being slow.... that's quite fast I think.

I did check support for Windows 8 on M-Audio's site (they're usually very fast) and there's no driver for my unosport MIDI interface.  But the Win7 driver seemed to work ok for me when flashing my M13 the other day (it didn't need flashing, but I wanted to test midiOX and the m-audio WIn7 driver on Win8).

I also flashed a POD HD400, 500 and Pro using MOnkey 1.62, and used POD HD edit for those 3 POD HD's all on WIndows 8.  I also used variax workbench on Windows 8, and updated my JTV59.  all worked fone on Win8....


Re: Windows 8
by BigChas52 on 2012-11-30 07:44:36.9870

+1 - My experience exactly mirrors Robi's.  I did have some drop outs with my UX-2, but I have not tested it again since using jimreynolds USB settings.


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