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True Bypass
by Tord on 2012-10-26 10:38:11.5700

I do love my Dt50 amp especially after i changed the preamp tubes to Rt001 12AX7A/ECC83 Tad premium selected(~7025,12AX7WA,E83cc Tubes from Tube amp  doctor, took away almost all of the white noise problem and it also sounded  better (in my ears)

But I use it with external pedals because i cant get  the PodHd500 to sound right. I love the delays the modulation effects but when i run it with external effects with true bypass i simply just get a better sound out of it. I read that the Line 6 M9 got true bypass so my suggestion is that if you want to get the best out of it buy that one for the modulation and delays and buy a better overdrive dist of your own liking and cope with the two chanel aproach.

I also use a MXRBoost/Linedriver in the effect send /return chanel on the amp for the leads it doesent colour the sound at all moore than gettin me the  extra db i need for the solos 12 oclock onthe backside and 2mm ower the blue led on the stompbox.

I use the II marshall/park mode mostly, and the I fender mode for some bluesy stuff. The Mesa mode is so compressed from the beginning it lacks dynamics and dosent suite me. its for metal shredders. and you doesent need any extra dist or drive for that one exept for the solos as i discribed before.

and the vox mode is good 2.

I tried the a/b test where you turn the ampsim of and the amp jumps ower to the B channel and it sounds better than when you have the same setting in the a mode. and the experts say to you that it sounds the same. It doesent .

I would have loved this HD 500 unlimitly if it hade.

And strangely enough even better when you dont use the HD500 at all try this on the mesa mode for yourself i hade the whole band 5 people to listen to the test and they hade the same oppinion as me.

The ability to swith amp configurations and effectboards settings and use the db settings in the Volume a and b on the display to make every amp to be in the same volym level is great.

And everything in one box to carry to the gig or rehearsel.

But for me it didnt make it ower the finnishing line kind of stopped a couple of mm just before it.

sry to say DT 50 Great Amp   Hd 500 not as good as intended.

My oppinion and some tips for those that are in the same.

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