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Soldano volume levels
by elbonefish on 2012-10-26 12:59:04.6410

I'm using the Line6 Link with my DT25 and have found the new Soldano volume levels to vary greatly (the volume on the clean is rediculously soft).  Is this an issue on my end or is this how it's supposed to work.  Because these are all the same amp, it seems that the levels should be much closer.

Re: Soldano volume levels
by malnack on 2012-10-29 11:19:12.6320

I think this is the expected behavior. I've played around a little with the SLO amps and noticed the level differences. I haven't taken the time to level them out yet.

Using the mixer settings in the HD500 (I use the Edit software), I'd maximize the volume of the clean amp and then on the distorted amp, I'd lower the level in the mixer. It takes a bit of adjusting to get them close and even days later you'll probably be making tweaks.

Hope this helps,


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