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how to set up pod xt live with PA
by PavsterBG on 2012-10-27 10:21:04.4290

hi guys

I have read loads of trads on the forum and can see how many people face some problem as I. However didn't manage to find answers so decided to ask a question:

If I put my xtl trough PA it does not sound great, not even close to waht I get trough headphones,

I know this question was probably discussed many times here.

What I am trying to establish is:

Are there any guidelines of how to set the PA i.e mixer

the way i set my gear now is:

Guitar in - XT Live

XTlive (studio direct out) - in Mixer (TAPCO 260 FX)

Mixer - to pwramp - 2x 500watt Peavey speakers

I am using same mixer for mics and my bassist as well

Now when I start tweaking I get in such mess.

I realize the setting will be different for stage levels

but OMG can they be that different. Apart from the settings on the xtl there are also all the options on the mixer: low, high, mids high and mids low???, 75 hz low cut switch, and I really get messed up

Can any one give me some tips. At the moment I try not to touche the xtl settings ( as I like the sound in my headphones) and adjust the Mixer setting, It gets quite messed up though

another thing I have found is that I loose some of the texture f the sound once the mics kick in>

Any advise will be apreciated


Re: how to set up pod xt live with PA
by mikelippert on 2013-02-11 00:47:59.2110


maybe your problem has been solved already and you needn`t bother with my answer, but if you still need help, I hope I can deliver ..=)

here`s what I`d suggest: Connect the pod xt live to a stereo DI Box (a passive one will do) and then send the signal from this DI Box via 2  XLR cables to the mixing console. thus the pod is connected to the XLR inputs of the mixer. Now you need to play around with the gain controls until you get the desired sound. From my experience the clean sound will sound better with more gain, while the overdrive/crunchy sounds need less gain. so you have to find a compromise between these two. The EQ of the mixing console stays more or less flat. Don `t forget to make sure the output volume of your pod is on maximum, the amp/line switch is on line. In my live set-up I link the pod via  link- out of the DI Box to a small (4 channel) mixer (line input) and from there out to two full range active floor monitors. then you are very close to the headphone sound, not only on the PA, but also for yourself.

Hoping to have helped you.... 

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