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Spilled drink/water on Line 6 DL4 - solution
by R_Rbnsn on 2012-10-28 14:49:44.1230

Hi everyone,

This isn't a request for support, I'd simply like to share with you my recent experience involving my Line 6 DL4 in the hope it may help anyone else unfortunate enough to find themselves in the same situation as I did.

I've been gigging with my Line 6 DL4 on my board for 5-6 years now without issue and it's always reliable... people have fallen on top of it, accidentally jumped on it numerous times and it's still kept going strong. At my gig last night however in a surge from the audience several people fell over onto my pedalboard (which suffice to say I was not too happy about), one of whom spilled their drink all over several of the pedals, mostly onto my DL4. Ever the professionals we carried on and finished the song, after which I quickly mopped up and dried the pedal and much as possible with some paper towels and carried on, however on trying to engage the DL4 later in the set it was apparent it had sustained some damage...

The LEDs would not light up (however the pedal was obviously on as I could hear the delay) and when the pedal was disengaged entirely it would simply cut my entire signal, not just disengage the effect. Suffice to say I thought it was broken and understandably pretty p***ed off thinking I'd have to buy a new one. As soon as I got home however I remembered hearing that if you dropped your mobile phone into water that leaving it overnight in a bowl of uncooked rice would dry it out and it would potentially work again. So, I immediately took the pedal off my board and placed it face down into a roasting tray of rice and left it in the airing cupboard overnight to dry out, praying it would work again in the morning.

The following morning I took it out and brushed off the rice and what do you know, it works again!

So if you ever find yourself with your DL4 (or any other effect pedals for that matter) unceremoniously spilled upon, try leaving it faced down in a bowl of rice overnight... a packet of rice is a lot cheaper than a replacement pedal. I hope this helps someone else in my predicament.

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