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Alex Lifeson tone using an HD300
by MolotovHaze on 2012-10-28 21:59:03.7110

Hi there,

I'm trying to create something close to Alex Lifesons Permanent Waves/Moving Pictures tone using my HD300. I'm not trying to recreate any one particular tone, just to get in the general ballpark for an overdriven rhythm, a cleanish chorus (for those nice arpeggios!) and a soaring lead tone (a la Freewill?)

With the rhythm sound I'm struggling to get the right balance of overdrive. The Hiway model doesn't seem to have quite enough drive, but the Brit models are a little too muddy in the bottom end. The closest I've got is by using an Overdrive pedal with the Hiways Gain at roughly 12 o'clock but it's still not quite there.

With the lead sound I can't seem to get that creamy sustain without the sound becoming too distorted. Compression or an overdrive pedal? subtle delay or swamp it!

I am using a Les Paul and tend to roll off the tone, using either the neck pickup or a combination of both.

There are plenty of HD500 Rush patches on Custom Tone but does anyone have any suitable HD300 patches? Or any ideas that might help point me in the right direction.


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