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POD HD 500
by jonasflausino on 2012-10-29 07:47:43.7320


My POD HD500 is presenting problems, She is restarting every hour. and when I open the monkey, do not connect the usb cable.

Is there a quick solution?

Re: POD HD 500
by jimsreynolds on 2012-10-29 09:17:27.5900

Try a global settings reset:  hold down the 'right' button on the directional keypad and power up the Pod.   This does a global settings reset and can help.  It is also useful if the preset you were working with was corrupt as it jumps you back to patch 1A.  If you use this, you will need to check your global settings to make sure they are how you want them.  You will also need to recalibrate your expression pedal (details here -->  None of your homemade presets will be lost but your setlist names will be renamed to the default names.

If the global reset does not clear it then you can try a safe mode reset.  This time be ready with your PC and USB cable.  Now hold down the 'left' button on the directional keypad and power up the pod.   Connect the USB cable and use Line 6 Monkey to flash-update the firmware on the POD.  Make sure you choose not to overwrite existing presets.

In each case:

1)  Power off

2)  Hold down the button and then ...

3)  Power on

4)  wait a few seconds then release the button


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