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suggestions for the relay systems...
by authmentis on 2012-10-29 09:15:19.7810

hello, i am a guitar player and am interested in a the awesome wireless pedals you guys have. but I wanted to make a suggestion to future products. I imagine i would be using  your g-50 or g-90 on my pedal board with a 1/4 jack making the run to the amp i play through. Though I am sure that I would for sure be using the wireless for the shows, in practicing, i find that it would be as necessary. My suggestion is I would like to be able to input through said pedal direct as an option. I don't believe the wireless offers that at the moment, but  for me it would help alot, i would not have to rearrange my pedal board between shows, and i wouldn't have to add some kind of splitter box that would take up valuable room on my board. just a thought. if i can expect it in the future please let me know! and thanks!

Re: suggestions for the relay systems...
by dboomer on 2012-11-01 11:55:41.2050

Thanks ... it's an interesting idea.

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