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Spider Jam Stops Recording at 2:01 minutes.
by BusterHarmy on 2012-11-01 07:16:10.6970

My Spider Jam stops recording at 2:01 minutes and starts to play the recording with a lot of hiss and crackle. Stop. Play. It plays back the 2:01 minutes perfectly. no hissing or crackles.

I had updated to the 2.09? a few years ago.

I did a Factory Reset = I still have the internal saved recordings. Did not resolve the recording time.

I tried to re-update the software. Jam recognizes the SD Card when inserted but does not find the update file in the root directory.

I reformatted the SD Card. re-downloaded the update. Still does not find the update file.

Is this a software issue or has part of the ram/internal memory fried? Any opinions/experience with this would be great.

Re: Spider Jam Stops Recording at 2:01 minutes.
by Nookage on 2012-11-04 22:33:18.7520

Are you sure you put 2.09 update in a folder named "Line 6" on SD card? Spiderjam won't find it otherwise, I think.

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