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Connecting Spider (Jam) amp to 'home theater' speakers: what should I be aware of?
by courteous on 2012-11-01 11:42:58.0830

The Spider Jam amp has so called 'Direct/Recording Out' output, which the manual describes as

"Direct/Recording Out - This pair of RCA jacks is perfect for connecting Spider Jam to an external recorder or computer to capture your jams. Or, connect them to your sound system to hear Spider Jam through it."

First of all, does "sound system" include your average home-theater speakers? And, should the amp be plugged directly to (a) the speakers themselves or to (b) the A/V receiver, which itself is connected to speakers)?

More precisely, I have a pair of DALI Concept 6 speakers with a declared impedance of 8 Ω and a "recommended amplifier power" of 30 to 150 W []. What should I be vary of (before burning out the speakers)?

Thank you for the support!

PS. What normaly causes problems (when connecting amp to "normal" speakers)? Too much current from the amp output (no pun intended)? Well, how much current do Spider amps give out (at their 'PA' or 'Direct Out' outputs)?

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