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What's happening with Line 6 in Australia?
by OatesInOZ on 2012-11-04 18:51:37.4910

With Billy Hyde / Allens Music (and apparently Misic Link?) going bust in Australia we can't get spare parts or warranty on Line 6 gear. How long is it going to takie to fix this issue and get going again, is it possible you could post updates on the Line 6 web-site?

Re: What's happening with Line 6 in Australia?
by Crusty_Old_Rocker on 2012-11-05 03:18:26.5400

I don't have any answer to your question, but one business that seems to be going from strength to strength and is getting into music gear is JB Hi Fi.  Take a look at this:">">

Perhaps Line 6 could have a chat with them.



Re: What's happening with Line 6 in Australia?
by scotty_burford on 2012-11-18 12:13:06.8920


I am having some issues with my POD HD500 and so opened up a support ticket to ask the same thing. They have not revelaed who might be taking over the line in Australia but have worked with me to offer a pretty good solution to my problem.

If you have a specific issue at the moment that might be the best solution.

I work part-time for a music store and the JB Hi Fi situation is not the best for the music industry in Australia. They only carry limited items on the floor and seeimgnly have no specialist staff on-hand to offer much in the way of service or advice. A beginner asking them how to tune a guitar would probably be met with a blank stare and anyone asking after the finer points of something like a POD HD500 would have no chance. Their stores are not set up to allow one to actually try out anything if they actually have them in stock and their current pricing is unsustainable for the Australian market.

I appreciate that many Australians look longingly at US prices and think local retailers and importers are trying to take advanatgae of us. But the reality is that our cost of living is far higher here. Our wages are up to 2.5 times higher on average than the US. We don't have the same restrictions with tax as importing into the US does. The GST threshold is currently $1000 here, so anything under than is automaticlaly 10% cheaper than the locals can provide it for. My understanding is that the US generally have two weeks annual holiday and no long-service leave. These are other factors that contribute to higher prices in our much smaller makret place and geographical location.

If JB Hi Fi keep their current pricing strucure it will see the end of more Australian music industry specialist shops and importers. They have claimed that some of their printed prices are a mistake...but they have put the price out there now and the public perception is that said product is worth $XXXX instead of $YYYY. Some of the margins they are selling products at are 1-2%, which just can't last. It costs a shop about 18% to sell an item above their buy price from the importer when the retailer's expenses are factored in.

Some other large music shops and chains in Australia have tried that before to drive competitors out of business and they ended up going under themsleves as they couldn't keep up with their expenses.

I know many locals are working hard to try and match US prices/online prices at great loss to their businesses.

Personally I am surprised that some companies (Roland and Yamaha) have jumped in with JB Hi Fi give the reasons mentioned above. I know others have chosen not to deal with them for the same reasons. To offer any sort of service or advice JB would need to restructure their floor spaces and given all the JB shops I have been in, I can't see that happening.

Interesting times ahead for the Australian music industry!

Anyway enough of my ramble. When I found out who is going to take over lIne 6 I shall let you know.

Re: What's happening with Line 6 in Australia?
by watsone on 2012-11-28 01:34:12.4250


Since the demise of Music Link / Allans Billy Hyde chain we have been liaising with Line 6 suport and can happily report they have been most helpful in allowing us to continue product support and spare parts for their product range.

Also for those people with faulty items sold recently by Allans Billy Hyde, Line 6 have been also indicating they are wanting to find ways to continue warranty support if at ll possible.

If you or anyone is having Line6 product faults, then contact us


Unit 2  6 - 10 ARGON ST   SUMNER PARK


07 33766771

Darryl Watson

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