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pod hd500 via usb pro tool 10
by robbiea7x on 2012-11-05 11:26:40.7390

hi there,

This is my first post as a line 6 user. I have recently purchased Pro Tools 10 and would like to hook it up with my Pod Hd500 via usb for recording.  Yet, although I can choose the Hd500 as an audio playback device, I cannot seem to choose it as an input. I have seen previous posts on this matter but have found no satisfactory answer.

Thank you for reading

Re: pod hd500 via usb pro tool 10
by irishpriest on 2012-11-05 17:52:03.9800

Ok first things first, if you want to use your HD as your audio interface. Turn off all other audio interfaces you have, Pro tools will only work with one at a time. Make sure you have downloaded all the drivers you need for the Pod HD to work through monkey. Connect and power up your Pod Before you open Pro tools. Make sure you dont have the Tuner on in the lcd screen. Go to your system settings and make sure you have your Pod set up as your default sound device, in the control panel.

When the loading screen for Pro tools gets about half way is should have a pop up window that says you have no audio interface selected. then it will give you the option to select one. There is a drop down menu, click it and select the Pod HD as your audio interface. It will also have other options you can set like latency etc.

Once in Pro tools go to your audio playback settings in options and check that the pod is selected, it should be by default as this point.

You are now set up, however you will still have no sound when you play. Pro tools will only output the sound for the Pod HD when you have tracks armed for recording. You can set them up however you want, but input and output 1 and 2 will be your pod.

Example: make 2 new mono tracks, input 1 to first, input 2 to second and same with outputs. Arm the tracks for recording, play your guitar and you will hear sound. If you dont, check the mixer on the pod HD edit software. Set for studio/direct, make sure you guitar is selected and you have the tracks panned too center or far left and far right, and the levels are set somewhere between -5 and 0 DB.

That should get you started. There are many ways too record the HD through Pro tools so dont be afraid too experiment.

Re: pod hd500 via usb pro tool 10
by robbiea7x on 2012-11-06 09:42:09.7760

Thank you very much. There is however one more thing. I hear double of my guitar when i set to recording, why is this?

Re: pod hd500 via usb pro tool 10
by TheRealZap on 2012-11-06 09:44:06.5830

turn off monitoring, on the tracks you are recording.

Re: pod hd500 via usb pro tool 10
by irishpriest on 2012-11-06 19:24:22.9080

That is because you are hearing 2 signals. The direct one from your guitar and the monitoring signal. These are used in recording studios when there is a recording room and a control room. One signal will go to the guitar player and one to the engineer in the control room. If you are playing and recording yourself, there is no reason to have both on. In your mixer window in Pro tools, look at your guitar tracks you have armed. There is 3 buttons with letters on them. R - Record, S - Solo, M - Mute. You want to hit the mute button on both tracks to turn the input monitoring off that would normally go to the control room. Now you should just be getting the signal from your playing.

I would suggest that you read some of the users manuals and documentation for your software, other wise you will have a million other questions just like this one. Pro Tools can take a long time to learn but once you got the hang of it, its awesome!

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