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JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by Gunslinger_11 on 2012-11-05 14:40:48.9410

I went into my local L&M over the weekend to purchase a jtv59 and I must say I am pretty disappointed with the store.  Needless to say, I do not own one yet.

The salesperson pretty much riducled my choice of a "toy"  guitar an I would be wiser to spend my money on a gibson lp std.

Im not sure that line6 should allow a fairly large chain to characterize their products like that.  Furthermore, when it comes to the current

Promotion $200 instant rebate  they knew nothing of it.  I ended  up walking out.

Anyone have similar experiences at L&M?

Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by silverhead on 2012-11-05 18:10:26.6030

I live in Ottawa and have had similar experiences at both L&M and at Steve's Music. I had to be very adamant one time that I actually wanted to purchase a Pod X3 Live. The salespeople (more than one!) purposefully tried to change my mind.

Was L&M actually displaying a JTV - did they have one in stock? I have never seen that yet in Ottawa.

My personal opinion is that the salespeople are intimidated by the Line 6 devices. They don't know what the devices can do, or how to operate them, so they try to move people into territory that they are more familiar with. I have mentioned this to Line 6 many times but I guess it is a daunting prospect fomr Line 6's end to launch an education and training program for the retail salespeople. Meanwhile, sales are lost due to ignorant salespeople.

Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by Gunslinger_11 on 2012-11-05 18:25:36.5040

At the Pickering store the did not have one on display so I could not try it out.  The guy I was talking to indicated they were a special order only and would not be stocked.

I would like to try out the 59p.  I hope a few turn up around Toronto

Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by sparkyERTW on 2012-11-06 06:09:24.5450

The Brampton L&M was fine to work with in ordering a JTV-69 (though I have had some issues in the past with some of their staff being inattentive or on some occassions boneheads). When I told the guy what I wanted, he put the order in; no questions asked, no judgements, just "sure, I'll help you with that".

I think Silverhead is right that part of the reason they don't stock them in store is the education the staff would need to properly demonstrate and market them, but I also think they don't want to stock them because they're higher maintenance than most other guitars. Making sure the battery was always charged, checking the alt-tunings now and again to make sure no one had messed them up such and thereby ruin the impression of it for future potential buyers. They seem to have difficulty occassionaly checking that the amps in the store don't have blown tubes, let alone deal with that.

However, L&M do have an excellent return policy: 30 day return, even if you just find it doesn't suit you. I haven't made any real use of it, but a couple of my wife's co-workers have said they've had little trouble bringing stuff back if they don't like it (though it sounds like your location is staffed by a bunch of tools). The other advantage of that is that you get an instrument that hasn't had 30-40 hours of tire-kicking.

I was considering grabbing a DT25 while the Dream Rig promotion is on (as I already have a JTV-69 and HD500), but if I'm going to have trouble with the instant rebate part, I sadly might have to pass.

Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by phil_m on 2012-11-06 06:20:49.6860

Call me old-fashioned, but I don't think a store should be a dealer for a company it's not willing to fully promote and support. I've seen it to. It seems that some stores simply have favorite brands and they put a lot of effort into pushing those brands. Some of it comes down to dealer agreements. Historically, Gibson has had pretty high minimum order requirements for its dealers. So this might explain to some extent why the guy was pushing Les Pauls on you. Or he might just like Les Pauls better. In any case, it does irritate me when I go into a store and the employee feels the need to give me all sorts of unsolicited advice.

Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by Gunslinger_11 on 2012-11-07 04:57:03.6060

I went into the l&m store in Scarborough lat night and placed an order for the JTV 59p.  The staff there were much more helpful although they did not have a JTV in stock to try out.  I did get the instant rebate of $200 so you should also get the rebate on the amp.

I am excited about the P90's, although I don,t see anyone discussing them in the forums.

I guess if they turn out to be terrible I can always return the guitar for the 59 humbucker.

Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by player99 on 2012-11-10 00:45:04.6470

From my experience it has more to do with the relationship between the importer/wholsaler and L & M. Lower than normal margins, poor demand and low quality.

Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by LarryLion on 2012-11-12 11:35:38.0680

I bought my JTV-69 from L&M Brampton (Ontario), sight unseen.  They had no inventory in their entire 61-store system, and I think I am still the only customer for the JTV at Brampton, ever.  When my guitar eventually came in - it took 2 or 3 months from order - the sales guys all played with it like they'd never seen one.  They definitely did not know how to change modes, how the tuning worked, or even how to turn it on, so I doubt whether there was ever any Line6 product training, but nobody at Brampton tried to steer me away from the JTV. They sell the POD HD500 more regularly, and this weekend I saw the very first DT-25, 1x12 combo there.  Brampton is a fairly big branch.

I think the issue might be more with the Quebec-based sole distributor for Line6, than with L&M itself.  The Quebec guys don't even keep a VDI cable or spare battery in inventory, let alone a guitar, and so everything is a special order.  I would not be at all surprised if Line6 expected the distributor (VAR) to provide in-store training and product education, which is not happening. The L&M guys tell me that getting anything out of the distributor is difficult, at best.

I took my JTV-69 in for a free setup at L&M, and the tech there (who is pretty good) had never seen one either.  Based on all of this, I bought a 2-year extended warranty.


Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by diggerbarnz on 2012-11-12 13:20:17.0980

My 1st "attempt" to go to L&M to order my 59 ended up w/a heart attack 1/2 way there...but I evenetually got it - lol

Salesman actually steered me away from the fender modeling guitar (told me line 6 was way better) came within 2 weeks, unpacked it in front of me to make sure everything was included & also have had a replacement charger shipped as cradle on 1st one was buggered.

Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by player99 on 2012-11-12 14:51:54.5760

Another big problem with L & M is they don't stock the JTV's, and want a non refundable 20% deposit to bring one in. If you don't like it and don't buy it it will cost you $300 for the honor. At least that was my experience.

Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by Gunslinger_11 on 2012-11-13 18:23:24.8640

I just picked up my JTV-59p, and I must say I really like the sound of the P-90's vintage sounding!  I havent played with teh modeling yet.

L&M Scarborough were exceptional with their service.  They opend up the box infront of me and made sure allof the parts were there, they even polished the guitar up and had the tech check it out wile I waited!

Only took a week form original order.  I did not have to put a deposit down initially, and they said if I was not satisfied with it, I could return it no questions.

It dosen't seem like ther eare too many other 59p owners out there..  I would like to hear some comparisons to the humbucker version.

So far I am satisfied!

My Dream Rig:

JTV59p Black



Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by sparkyERTW on 2012-11-14 08:37:43.2150

Nope, you're not the only one; I ordered a JTV-693TS in the initial Canadian shipment.  When mine came in after being on order for almost an entire year, I recieved it in the box, so given that I never returned it or brought it in for a tune-up it's not suprising they'd have never seen one.  Also - with a few exceptions - the staff at the Brampton store have frequently failed to impress me.

The comments about the distributor also kinda fit with my experience; it seemed like when trying to get information about the order status, it was like pulling teeth.  Then again, the distributor likely wasn't getting much information from Line 6 at that time either.

Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by LarryLion on 2012-11-14 08:52:02.8040


I have to believe that Line6 is asleep at the wheel, and wonder if they're even monitoring their Canadian distributor's performance! There are a few monster music/electronic distributors in Quebec, and all of them are the same, in my experience - no inventory, no support, and a bad attitude.  I'll say this for L&M, who own the sole distributor rights for Gibson in Canada through their Yorkville division - they do a great job with Gibson products.  Their product knowledge, training & support is excellent on Gibsons.  Maybe Line6 needs to look around for another Canadian distributor.

Anyhow, I'm glad there is another JTV player in the Brampton area.  What do you mean by "JTV-693TS", by t he way?  Mine's just a JTV-69 never seen that nomenclature before.


Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by silverhead on 2012-11-14 09:08:44.3570

I think the 3TS refers to 3-tone sunburst colour.

I've become resigned to the fact that local retailers do very little to stock, display, or promote Line 6 products here in Ottawa. While L&M is probably the best, I still have never seen any Variax in stock, whether JTV or previous models. I was pleasantly surprised recently to see the new Live Audio products on display - the M20d mixer with L3T nnd L3S speakers. One of the sales guys even appeared to understand some of the features and capabilities - so maybe things are improving? (glass half full.....)

Steve's Music is the place where I was actively steered away from buying anything Line 6. "Line 6 makes toysi No serious musicians use their stuff."

I have mentioned the general lack of support of their Cdn retailers to Line 6; haven't received any specific response but Il think any sort of solution would involve a huge effort of providing information and training to all retailers. You'd like to be able to deal with the massive national chains like they have in the U.S.  but the closest thing we have here in Canada is probably L&M. It's nowhere near the size and scale of Guitar Centre in the U.S. I suspect the demographics and economies of scale for such a training effort just don't add up, and the Cdn sales volume/revenues probably just can't justify it even if the anticipated increased sales as a result of the effort are factored in.

Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by LarryLion on 2012-11-14 10:07:02.0490

L&M Toronto (Bloor) had a "Jack's Attic" sale a few months back, and while I was there I checked out some of the new toys.  I was also surprised to see them actively promoting the Line6 Live Audio gear.  The L&M Pro Audio salesman knew his stuff, too, and was very enthusiastic.

All said & done, L&M has sold me a 2-year extension to the Line6 warranty, so they obviously have faith in the products, despite the distributor issues.  I know the guys at my local branch quite well, I'm pretty sure they'll bend over backwards if, for instance, the electronics in the JTV were to fail, and I needed a loaner.  They would find one, somewhere, I'm sure. I paid a fair price for my 2/3 Dream Rig too, cannot complain on that score. My beef is not with L&M at all, it's with the Quebec distributor.

I also own a Godin Multiac, with synth access.  They are a Quebec-based manufacturer, and I have similar issues with them.  Maybe it's something in the Quebec water?


Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by tnickasn on 2012-11-15 00:32:56.2180

HI all,

I just purchased a JVT-59 from L&M in Vancouver.  They had the exact colour (cherry) in stock.   I think they had a blue JTV-69 as well.  This seems a different experience from what you guys have had (no stock to try before you buy).  I can say in my opinion the staff didn't really know much about the guitars but they didn't steer me away (I've bought several from them over the years).

Now if I could only get the 1.9 firmware upgrade to work.


Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by YirWaffy on 2012-11-19 19:10:59.2760

I demo'd one in Calgary in September at the central L&M. They had two, both 69's. The staff wasn't too knowledgeable about them and had to scramble to find a battery. Fortunately, it was 3/4 charged. The sales guy that helped me was accomodating and didn't try to sell me a different brand. He let me demo it for as long as I liked. I ended up ordering a 89 because I prefer a thin neck and like having two full octaves.

Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by sparkyERTW on 2012-12-29 20:49:12.0030

Well, tonight I went into L&M Brampton to use a fresh $100 gift card acquired during X-mas to pick up a DT25 head to complete my dream rig. When I talked to the guy at the counter, it took several minutes (and several people) to agree that the instant rebate applied. However, I was then told that since they didn't have one in stock, they had no serial number with which to complete a transaction, so unless it came in by Monday it wouldn't fall under the promo period. I then asked about the DT25 combo that I had tested out minutes earlier on the floor (which from the sounds of it would need the tubes replaced immediately); I really prefered the head, but I was running out of options. When they brought it up to the counter and I got a closer look at it, I could tell that the salesman's claim that it was 'fresh in' was bull; the tolex was beat to hell and scratched in a number of areas. When I suggested that given the condition of it I shouldn't be playing full price, he told me he had no authority to make that call and that while he could find the guy that could (how long would that take, I wonder), it was unlikely he would agree to anything.  As I wasn't about to pay full price for an abused runner-up choice, I ended up walking out, exasperated.

Ugh... so much for completing my dream rig.   Neither LA Music nor Best Buy are showing the instant rebate, and I doubt I'll have much luck correcting that with them before the end of the month. And don't get me started on Axe Music's slimy tactics ("mail-in rebate?  No, no... we'll handle that for you!  Of course, you have to get all of it through us to qualify").

Oh, another fun highlight of the trip: when I tracked down a salesguy and mentioned it had no power cable, he showed up five minutes later with the power cable, hooked it up, and walked away... but didn't give me a patch cord! I ended up having to look around the floor to find one.  So much for customer service.

Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by flynvgtr1 on 2012-12-30 02:57:53.1700

Couldn't they order one from another store that had one in stock. Your receipt is proof you purchased one before the 31st. I had to order mine and will probably be here Wednesday. I thought i read as long as you bought a jtv and a dt amp after Oct 1st and before Dec 31st you get $150. I don't have a serial number associated with the amp yet. I'll check the receipt.

Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by sparkyERTW on 2012-12-30 10:19:31.1440

No other stores had one in stock (except Vancouver, I just discovered, but I bet they refuse to have it transferred from another province). Hopefully yours works out fine. Of course, if it does, it means the salesguy was an incompotent idiot and cost me a sweet deal.

Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by silverhead on 2012-12-30 10:42:59.7520

sparkyERTW wrote:

... it means the salesguy was an incompotent idiot and cost me a sweet deal.

That's probably quite accurate. I was in L&M Ottawa just before Christmas and witnessed a salesperson actively try to talk a customer out of purchasing a Line 6 Pod HD300. The person said he was a very happy Pod 2.0 user and was interested in seeing what the current Line 6 products were. He noticed a Pod HD300 on display and asked a couple of knowledgeable questions. The sales person provided inaccurate answers, never mentioned any of the other Pod HD alternatives, and then said "But let me show you the latest Zoom pedal...." and they walked away to another display area. The sales guy clearly did not understand the Line 6 products and guided the customer to a product he did understand.

It seems that here in Canada you really have to know what you want, and be persistent, if you actually want to buy Line 6. An uncommitted customer is not likely to walk out of the store with one.

Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by flynvgtr1 on 2012-12-30 10:54:19.3720

I hope you can get it  There are no other stores that sell Line 6  gear in your area or province  you can call or order from?

Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by sparkyERTW on 2012-12-30 19:40:04.3370

Most of them only seem to sell their recording devices and effects pedals, or their Spider amplifiers.  JTVs and DTs are pretty well non-existant.  I may give LA Music a call tomorrow (or perhaps L&M Mississauga, see if their staff are any better), but I'm not hopeful.

I considered ordering from a US online retailer as they all seem to have the instant rebate in place, but shipping costs and duties would wipe out a portion of the rebate, and warranty coverage would mean paying the costs to ship it across the border (though it does at least sound like zZounds 30-day no hassel return policy covers the shipping costs from Canada if defective).  We'll see.

Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by sparkyERTW on 2012-12-31 09:16:35.5940

Well, L&M Mississauga appears to be no better.  The guy I spoke to on the phone said that after looking over the rebate information that it has to be delivered to the customer within the promo period to qualify for the mail-in.  I took a look at the instruction sheet after getting off the phone with him, and I can't find any such line explicitly stating that anywhere.  The closest thing I can find is "Offer limited to Eligible Products in-stock during the Promotion Period".  But I don't see what difference it makes if I have a receipt saying it's bought and paid for.

Ugh.  Screw it; I'm just going to take a chance with zZounds and hope the duties aren't atrocious.

Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by jayson2 on 2013-02-15 14:18:49.6990

The Ottawa L&M have a JTV-69 hanging at the front ($1550).  With their 2 day inventory sale, you might be able to take advanatage of the 6 months, no interest financing.  I didn't play it but it's the sunburst with S/S/H.



Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by player99 on 2013-02-16 11:34:00.4790

Maybe that one in Ottawa was the one I returned?

I understand that L & M has taken the L6 importing over from FM Marketing. Now they are the Importer, wholesaler and largest retailer in Canada.

I just bought a brand new M9 from an independant music store for $184. Apparently the small stores are dumping L6 because nobody wants to buy from the "Evil Empire" known as Long and McQuade.

I don't think the M9 sounds as good as it should. I will probably sell it.

Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by LarryLion on 2013-02-16 11:39:52.5990

L&M is not an evil empire, the L6 importer/distributor in Quebec is the cause of our problems.  They are supposed to ensure L&M staff is trained, provide demo inventory, promote the product, etc., and HOLD INVENTORY.  They do none of these.  If you want to shake a stick, shake it at the distributor first, and Line 6 second for making a really dumb distributor decison.

Re: JTV59 in Canada (l&m)
by sparkyERTW on 2013-02-19 07:34:58.4320

I don't particularly like L&M for a number of reasons, but even I have to agree with Larry to an extent on this one. FM seemed to really do a poor job of representing Line 6 in Canada, and it doesn't seem like Line 6 was overly concerned. I don't know if L&M will do any better a job as importer, and I could see them pulling slimy tricks against other retailers. But hey, if that's the way L6 wants to do things, it's their choice; just might mean they lose my business down the road.

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