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Crate Power Block and Pod HD DESKTOP
by aeon20 on 2012-11-05 21:03:34.5440


Just purchased a used crate powerblock for my Pod HD Desktop, just for the power amp use. Although I tried to read every forums for right connection, I'm still stucked and don't know the step by step connection of Crate powerblock and Pod HD Desktop, coz most of the forum, it is HD500. Can anyone tell or give me a step by step connection of CratePB through Pod HD Desktop and Orange 2x12 amp.

My questions are:

1. How to connect CPB to Pod HD Desktop using the Crate PB as a power amp only, using the amp sim from Pod HD Desktop and bypass the crate amp?Can you give a step by step connection tutorials?What will be the Pod's output?

2. How to step by step connection of Pod Hd Desktop through Crate PB if I want to use the Crate PB amp and Pod Hd Desktop as a effects only on the CPB efx loop?

Thanks Line 6'ers


Re: Crate Power Block and Pod HD DESKTOP
by meambobbo on 2012-11-05 21:22:30.4160

first off, the hd desktop and hd500 are virtually identical, except the desktop has no effects loop, making the 4CM impossible.

1) plug the Pod's 1/4" outputs into the Crate's Line In's on the back.

2) if you do this, all the Pod's effects will be in "post" configuration, which may not give you what you want.  but you'd just plug the crate's loop send to the Pod's guitar input, then the pod's 1/4" output (either one - they will sum the signal to mono), to the crate's fx loop return.

alternatively, if you wanted all the pod fx in "pre" config, you'd go Guitar > Pod Guitar Input > Pod 1/4" output > Crate front input.

Re: Crate Power Block and Pod HD DESKTOP
by aeon20 on 2012-11-05 23:18:10.0790

Thanks meambobbo , will try this out later. Anyway, Sometimes I'm using my orange 2x12 and sometimes the 1x8 which have a 20 watts. Crate Power block is 150 watts. Is it okay if I will connect my CPB to the 20 watts speaker cab? Coz I have a very retarded neighbors that don't like to smash their wall by my 2x12 and POD.(lol). Does the CPB 150 watts will blow my 20 watts speaker cab right away if connect this?


Re: Crate Power Block and Pod HD DESKTOP
by aeon20 on 2012-11-05 23:26:29.0450

By the way. for number 1 answer, Do I have to put a 2 mono plugs in Line in's on the back of CPB? or do I have to use a 2 Stereo Plugs. And which line, right or left/fxloop?


Re: Crate Power Block and Pod HD DESKTOP
by davidb7170 on 2012-11-06 15:29:38.6060

I used the Crate CPB150 for nearly 6 years with my POD rig -- it served me well. I sent my line level signal into the Left/Mono input on the back and ran a single 8 Ohm speaker out the mono speaker jack -- the speaker I used was the Eminence Tonker 8 ohm model that can handle 150 watts. You set the Bridge Mono switch pushed in. If you use 2 speakers with it, you need two 4 ohm speakers, and send line-level output from your POD to both Line In inputs on the back of the CPB150. This amp is very sensitive to the speaker load, and will go into a flashing mode of the blue light on the front and won't put out any sound if you have too low an ohm load on it. If you run it in stereo with 8 ohm speakers, you will only get half the volume.

Yes -- use mono cables, not stereo.

I just recently switched over to a Crown Power amp to run my rig, but I take along my CPB150 as a backup amp. I set my output mode on my HD500 to Studio.


Re: Crate Power Block and Pod HD DESKTOP
by scottyo78 on 2012-11-07 02:58:54.2750

Good to know. That's how I run mine in stereo to, just using the rear in/outputs.

The knobs on the front are dis-abled so you'll have to control your volume level with the HD500 "Master" volume, left of the expression pedal.

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