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by Singhaa88 on 2012-11-06 00:23:23.1080

Hi, i have a Vetta 11 HD that i am running into a marshall 212mc at 8 ohms when practising and into the marshall 212 and a Line 6 4x12 cab also when gigging. I have just purchased a Boss RC-3 looper pedal to run through the FX Loop on the back on the amp, and i also have 2x "y" or insert cables to set it up as displayed in the book. However.... i am getting no sound out of the amp when activating the pedal to start playing back a loop that i have recorded... is there something that i am missing?? am i not doing something?? or is there a procedure to go through to set up the loop rather than just connecting the leads and being good to go???

Really appreciate someones help with this, need to get this working for several songs before gigging,..


by DickFoster on 2012-11-06 16:22:09.0620

Have you turned on the Loop function in the patch via the panel controls or floorboard? It is a part of each channel setup Page 4-14. Setup the levels 4-16 and routing 4-18.

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