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DT25 Update - error code 8000000A
by greghall on 2012-11-06 00:57:17.9270

I've tried to update my DT25 with the 2.0 firmware, but get the 8000000A error code.

I bought a new UNO midi cable, connected to my Mac Book Pro (running Lion), ran Monkey, selected MIDI device, then DT25 combo. Monkey detected the DT25 and confirmed the current firmware version. I ran Update, and got the error code.

I have the latest driver, and have tried swapping the cables around, and also doing the update from a manual download.

Does anyone have any suggestions to overcome this issue?

Re: DT25 Update - error code 8000000A
by DarthHollis on 2012-11-06 04:48:36.0570

#1 Keep trying (sometimes I have had to try multiple times to get it to work)

#2 Switch the Midi In and Midi Out pins going into the amp (make sure the lights on the deviced are on)

#3 BOTH the Midi in and out on your computer need to show the conntection to the UNO midi cable

#4 Make sure the amp is "On" (I was wondering why it wasn't working for me before I noticed the amp was off - duh)

Hope this helps

Re: DT25 Update - error code 8000000A
by warta on 2012-11-06 10:06:52.7870

I have the same issue

Latest drivers, switch cables, restart computer, turn amp on/off

The monkey still doesn't find/update the amp

Moving the controls on the amp makes the midi light blink, wchich tells me the UNO is presumably working

Can't help but wondering why no line 6 techs have answered these problems

Re: DT25 Update - error code 8000000A
by TheRealZap on 2012-11-06 10:13:35.1720

warta wrote:

Can't help but wondering why no line 6 techs have answered these problems

line6 doesn't do support in the forum anymore...

if you want input from line6, you need to call them or open a support ticket.

Re: DT25 Update - error code 8000000A
by sopachrga on 2012-11-06 10:42:45.1200

Try this:

-Power the amp off

-Disconnect Midi cables from the amp (and all other cables, so you only have a speaker and power cable connected)

-Hold the Channel selector switch down (towards channel B) then turn the main power switch on (Just leave it in standby)

-Continue holding the channel switch for a good six seconds. (Nothing will happen to indicate that you have held it long enough)

-Then release the channel switch

-Plug the midi cables back in

-Start Monkey back up

That worked for my DT50, hopefully the DT25 is the same.

Re: DT25 Update - error code 8000000A
by greghall on 2012-11-06 14:47:54.5400

Thank you for all your help / suggestions.

After many attemps, I finally got the firmware update to work, by turning the amp on with the MIDI cables connected / USB plugged into the Mac. Then I toggled through topologies I to IV a couple of times, until on IV the MIDI in light on the UNO stayed on for a few seconds. This seemed to get the MIDI connection working, becuase after that I opened up Monkey and ran the update, and it all worked fine.

I'm not sure why this worked, but it may be that the driver has to receive a MIDI signal before it will send one - just a guess!

Re: DT25 Update - error code 8000000A
by warta on 2012-11-08 08:18:57.0790

The saga continues....

I called Line 6

Tried the safe start mode. Nothing

He suggested I buy new cables or try another computer. Maybe thats's the problem. And oh by the way, this is not a warranty item since the amp "works".

He said I could send the amp to them and they could update it. Ya, right.

I purchased a midi cable to see if my amp received signals via HD500. It does.

I downloaded Midiox and in the window I have midi signals coming and going through my existing cables when I move diasl on the amp.

The issue seems to me to be the Line 6 monkey and its inability to find the amp for whatever reason.

Based upon the many posts I've read from clear back to 2007 it's an ongoing issue. Many users seem to keep trying, flip swithches 20 times, start and restart their computers, the monkey, or the amp and magically it works.

Unfortunately for me it hasn't

And line 6 appears inable or unwilling to fix the issue.

Re: DT25 Update - error code 8000000A
by snuffels9 on 2012-11-10 07:37:11.1720

Here is another magic trick, that worked for me. ;-)

I had the issue that Line6 Monkey could detect the DT25, and started to update the firmware, but the update failed with some weird error message. I got It working after I downloaded the firmware file from the web page and told the monkey to update from file instead of letting it download the file.

Re: DT25 Update - error code 8000000A
by bmoyer on 2012-11-10 07:56:37.0800

I had the same exact experience as snuffels9.  Downoad the update to your desktop or something and work from that file.  Hopefully this works for everyone.

Re: DT25 Update - error code 8000000A
by jc_anderton on 2012-11-16 00:05:16.8600

I had very similar problems with a cheap midi cable, borrowed a m-audio midisport and everything worked perfectly 1st time using the update file

Re: DT25 Update - error code 8000000A
by mrzwo on 2012-11-28 00:05:58.0570

Same problem so Im yweaked amd fiddled, and on the fifth attempt it worked like a dream ...... keep trying

As Hollis 1003 says make sure you turn the amp on ;0)

Re: DT25 Update - error code 8000000A
by merman_96 on 2012-12-09 07:24:38.1710

Have you resolved this issue? I had a similar issue with original DT-50 on the first update, and it was basically bricked. Line 6 support was very responsive and eventually replaced the DT-50.  If they are offering to update it at their facility , that may be your best option.

Since my original issue, I purchased the UNO , and use it for all of my line 6 updates.

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