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iPad-App - Please optimize the functionality of the rotary knobs
by Ruben40 on 2012-11-06 02:09:59.4600


We use the SS for 12 weeks now and we played 6 gigs with it.

I must say we love the SS and all its possibilities and advantages.

We use the SS-iPad-App for our soundcheck and for changes during our performance.

Here we see a big possibility to optimize the adjustments (e.g. level) of the rotary knobs of the iPad-App.


Modifications with the finger tip is very inaccurate and sometimes it happens that e.g. the level is adjusted too loud or too low.

We changed the settings of the knobs in SS-iPad-Setup, but the problem is still there.

Our proposal:

When I touch the rotary knob, then a bigger linear fader apears on the screen. Here I can make small changes with my finger tip.

Displaying the actual encoder value would be an additional benefit to set defined values.

Additional wishes:

- Maybe it would be possible to add user defined rotary knobs not only for fx level. It should also be possible to use user knobs for

  changing fx parameter e.g. reverb time, delay time, e.g.

- Double klick on a rotary knob should open the tweak menu for the specific channel. This would be a quick shortcut to optimize the workflow.

@ all SS users:

Do you have the same problems the the rotary knobs at the iPad ?

Can you give me some advice to avoid these problems ?


Re: iPad-App - Please optimize the functionality of the rotary knobs
by MikeMetzler on 2012-11-06 15:47:59.5580

I agree both options are not ideal. Something should be done to fine tune.

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