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How Do You Connect PC Speakers To UX2?
by P0lyg0nW1nd0w on 2009-05-26 05:56:23.5970

Hi, I want to use the spare rear speakers for my Creative Inspire 5.1 5100 speaker system that is normally connected to my PC. As I said, I don't have the two rear speakers connected and instead have connected them to the analog outs of the UX2. The speakers themselves have phono outputs so I connected these to a phono-to-1/4 jack input and then plugged those into the analog outs of the UX2. I then set the UX 2 as my default soundcard for both playback and recording in XP's audio settings (I currently also have a Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 soundcard as default but I just changed it around to the UX2) but I hear no sound coming through the speakers when I try to play a music file for example. I can see the needles on the two level gauges at the front of the UX2 moving around so I know that sound is going through but I just can't hear it via the speakers. I tried disabling my Audigy soundcard and restarting the PC and still get the same results. Am I doing something wrong? I've opened up Gearbox but there doesn't seem to be any setting for selecting the analog outs or anything.

This then leads me to another problem, once I get the speakers working and have the UX2 as my default soundcard, I then want to make use of the ASIO driver so that I can use my Behringer UMX49 USB keyboard as a midi controller in my M-Audio Session software. I have tried selecting the UX2 as the ASIO driver in Session but it always comes back with errors saying it is either already being used or isn't connected. I know that the UX2 has supports for Reason and Garageband amongst others but I just want to be able to play midi keyboard through Session as a piano rather than having to use my huge Yamaha non-midi keyboard for practicing (I am currently having piano lessons). Does Toneport not work well with M-Audio's Session software? If not does that mean I have to get another piece of software instead? My piano teacher has a Mac and Garageband as well as the UX2 and a midi keyboard and all of them seem to work in harmony and she has speakers connected to her UX2's analog outs and has no problems, I just want to be able to do the same.

Sorry for the very long post and all the questions but I really don't know what to do and the Gearbox manual is just a waste of time. Thanks for any help you can give.

Re: How Do You Connect PC Speakers To UX2?
by AParedes on 2009-05-27 12:03:16.3220


1) Have you tried different adaptors and/or different speakers to see if this makes a difference?  Did you see the following documents to ensure the UX-2 is set up as the soundcard?

Setting up your Line 6 device as External Sound Card within Windows XP: Video

Assigning your Line 6 Device as a Sound Card on your Windows XP Computer

2)   It sounds like you have a lot of audio and MIDI software running on your system.  You may want to optimize your system to see if this helps:

Computer System Audio Optimization

Re: How Do You Connect PC Speakers To UX2?
by pbear5 on 2009-05-27 14:14:04.8330

i may have the wrong picture in my head but it seems to me that you are bypassing any type of amplification for the speakers.

pc speakers pack the amps for all speakers into the subwoofer box.  if you aren't connected to the subwoofer, you aren't connected to an amp and the UX2 won't power the speakers--you would be better off using the headphone jack on the UX2 but i wouldn't recommend it.

what you could do is use the output of the UX2 to the rear input of your 5.1 system then rear speakers would play UX2 output and the front speakers would play the computer output.  i believe that you would have the added benefit of sub-woofer-age on the output.  i am assuming that your speaker system is similar to the very few computer speakers that i have owned mainly that they have separate front/rear inputs instead of a digital surround input--i've been using monitors so long things may have changed.

Re: How Do You Connect PC Speakers To UX2?
by P0lyg0nW1nd0w on 2009-05-28 09:28:32.4520

Ahhh, I understand what I am doing wrong now. Thanks for the info guys, I didn't realise that the amp was built into the subwoofer which the speakers would normally be plugged into. The back of my Creative Inspire 5100 speakers' subwoofer looks like this:


So I'm guessing that where the black headphone-type jack goes into the subwoofer for the rear speakers (section 2 on the picture) is where I need to connect the analog outs of the UX2 to. If that is the case then do I need some sort of adapter that allows me to connect two 1/4 jacks (the analog outs of the UX2) into one standard (3.5mm presumably?) headphone jack which will then go into the subwoofer? And also, do I need to disable the Soundblaster Audigy soundcard on my computer in order for the UX2 to work as my default soundcard? Because if I do then I may be better off connecting the analog outs of the UX2 into the front (green cable) and subwoofer (orange cable) ports of the main subwoofer (normally the other end of the cables would be connected from the subwoofer to my Audigy 2 soundcard in the PC). I hope that the picture above helps explain things a bit better, at least I now know why I wasn't getting any sound out of the rear speakers.

Re: How Do You Connect PC Speakers To UX2?
by pbear5 on 2009-05-28 12:39:03.2400

i can't read the text on the picture very well but i'm pretty sure that the orange cable is the Center channel not the subwoofer channel--I think the sub is just run off of a crossover from a sum of the other channels but i could be wrong about that.

that said, front or rear shouldn't matter.  i'm a mac guy at home but, from what i recall, you can define which soundcard is used as your Default but you can still use another card/interface in any appropriate program.  so, unless you have compatibility or driver issues, you should be able to use both.

yes, a 3.5mm stereo male to two 1/4" mono male cable (or the equivalent in adapters) should do it.  these are pretty common at guitarcenter.

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