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Monkey creates fatal error
by QuestforTone on 2012-11-07 11:18:31.7440


I got a newer computer to do the line6 things: Pod HD500 is updated and works fine with last updates and editor.(which I did on a Pentium4)

Now al is installed on a Core I3 duo (XP Professional), editor and HD500 works fine, only monkey, (latest version)when I start it up, and it comes to midi detection I get a BSOD with message:

*** Hardware malfunction

NMI parity check / Memory partity error

System has halted

So I rebooted for 20 times now trying things like:

  1. Putting the pci (STaudio) soundboard firmly in place,
  2. changing connection cables to the souncard (multipin, maybe a loose connection?)
  3. changing the midi config to the general Windows midi,
  4. Trying to get my VettaII talking in midi, but when i want to add the Vetta in Line6 edit (It can't find it anymore, normally it was there automatically), the same error as above occurs..
  5. remember that HD500 still is not connected, but I tried it also with it connected on several different USB ports
  6. Reinstall Monkey latest version
  7. Reinstalling Monkey very old version, and trying to get it updated (which it does, only when it comes to midi detection, the BSOD happens again)

I'm losing my long lasting faith now, has anyone got a clue?

Greetz, Rig Kikken.

Re: Monkey creates fatal error
by toneman2121 on 2012-11-07 11:26:08.9150

vetta=line6 edit

hd500=hd edit

Re: Monkey creates fatal error
by DeanDinosaur on 2012-11-07 16:58:40.7970

Move the HD USB connection to another USB spot and see if that does the trick.

Re: Monkey creates fatal error
by QuestforTone on 2012-11-08 03:15:28.3770

Guys, thanx for reply..

I know that Line6 edit = VettaII, worked fine, only now on Core I3 PC, when Line6 Edit tries to use midi detection,it gives this fatal error.

I also use HD500, with it's own editor, which works also fine! Only when trying to run Monkey, this prog also tries to use midi detection, and then the system collapts.

I already tried to move the USB arouond, even tried with all USB not connected, and it fails at the same stage, during midi detection.

Maybe the soundcard's midi function fails?

If anyone has the same problems, let me knwo...

Re: Monkey creates fatal error
by QuestforTone on 2012-11-08 03:47:15.3900


Problem solved:

Looked on forums, and the only things which causes this kind of errors are malfunctioning pci boards (put not right in), damaged cables, loosened connections, or: wrong audio drivers!

Since I used a newer computer now, I had also moved the STaudio soundcards to the new one. Now, by looking closer at install, seems that I used the wrong soundcard drivers. I updated them, and all works fine again.

Now Monkey and Line6 edit do not create a fatal error, since the audio card is midi wise working correct again.

So faith in Line6 is restored again, moreover because it wasn't Line6's fault.

Happy again,

Greetz, Rig

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