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Spider IV 15,30,75/ 150
by sean12345 on 2012-11-07 12:37:01.9690

After having a blast playing with the presets on my Spider IV150 and playing with the Customtones added by other users, I noticed that the Spider IV15, IV30, IV75 and IV150 are all different for downloading the presets added by other users. For example: If you have a IV150 you can not download sounds that are listed under IV15 or IV30 for example. Is there a reason why they are not compatable with one another, wouldn't it have made sense to make them all compatable? Don't get me wrong Line 6 has done a stellar job with their amps and components, I just found that there were some bands/presets I noticed people added on the other amps that are not compatable that I would have loved to have been able to try out on my amp.

On a side note; I'm looking for a few sounds that I can't seem to find on here. If anyone any "the police" sounds other than message in a bottle (which I believe was a preset on the amp itself) please post.

Thank you.


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