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Custom Tones / Feedback problem
by vote_henry on 2009-05-26 06:58:19.5090

I recently got a 15 watts spider III and am because It's new and very different from my past amp (a small starter amp) I don't really know how to work certain parts of it.

My first Problem is the feedback. I plug in my guitar (Semi-acoustic Fender 60 - CE) and if I try the crunch setting (easily my favourite) I can play totally normally with the volume up to about 5. If I go past 5 on the volume knobs, i get HEAVY feedback which is just really loud noise. I have tried loads of different methods and none seen to work so help or suggestions would be hugely appreciated. It is not just the guitar as I've tried my electric and that has the same problems.

The second problem is probably just my lack of knowledge. Can you create a custom tone on the 15 watt amp / do you have to use a computer?

Re: Custom Tones / Feedback problem
by Bluestone on 2009-05-26 08:12:28.1560


One are maxing your amp out at it's going to break up a lot more and not sound as good....

An semi-acoustic is going to break up faster as all a control issue

For the best should keep the volume away from max.....maybe somewhere around 2:00..(just a suggestion)'s a there are a few limits to how loud you can get......

Also...the 15 isn't PC compatable...but you can save the channels....


Re: Custom Tones / Feedback problem
by jbermudez on 2009-10-02 09:45:26.3920

Try also using a sound cover. It will keep sound from entering amd reduce feed back

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