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Wah / Vol Control not responding?
by donjuames on 2012-11-10 16:28:18.9650


So bit of a newb but - bought a second hand FBV controller the other day - all working as it should but the wah / vol pedal doesn't respond - ie it does switch from wah to vol and back but there's no response when i move the pedal.

The bloke I bought it from [in Austria, I'm in Oz] says it works fine and he's tested it etc before he sent it over. He says:

"The problem is definitely within your amp settings. (Amp / Wah configuration) "

I'm using a Flextone III and've restored factory settings so not sure why this would be the case. As I said I'm a Line 6 newb so a bit lost but hoping to learn pretty fast, appreciate any advice!


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