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HELP! can't get a good tone with POD UX1, feeling disappointed :(
by ramin91 on 2012-11-10 16:44:40.9870

I recently just bought a pod ux1 not knowing a thing about amp setups etc.

I've owned a spider IV 15W amp for 3 years and have been using it to record anything i do to make covers for songs i like.

I've always used the 'insane' channel on my spider amp as i mainly play metalcore and the tone pretty much fits almost every song in the genre anyway and is pretty decent although limited.

Now i'm trying to step it up and get away from the old line-in recording with my lame onboard soundcard and amp and so thats why i've bought mysefl a pod ux1. Since upgrading from windows XP to windows 7, my line-in has a unbearable sound delay so if you pluck the guitar string the sound will be heard a second too late, making recording impossible. This is a fail by windows 7 and has actually driven me insane. The problem could never be solved so i needed to by a pod and so i have. To be very honest with you i'm not even sure if i'm using my pod correctly at this moment but here goes.

I CANT SEEM TO GET ANY DECENT TONE OUT of my UX1 with podfarm 2, everything sounds spider IV kicks ass compared to this and only costed me £70 (3 years ago!) whilst the UX cost me £110, something must be wrong? I've tried the popular custom amp models uploaded on here for download for bands like parkway,bmth,killswitch etc but they just sound cheap, crumbly, flimsy and weak with no real metalcore tone at all, frankly poo, nothing you could play a breakdown with anyway :s my spider IV sounds godly when compared.

Please help people, when will it be mine turn to shred?

heres an example of my tone with my spider amp on a cover i did about a year ago">"> can this not be at least matched?


Re: HELP! can't get a good tone with POD UX1, feeling disappointed :(
by silverhead on 2012-11-11 05:41:30.9540

How are you monitoring the sound from the UX1? Are you using its headphone jack, or are you routing the outputs to another piece of equipment? If so, what is it?

Re: HELP! can't get a good tone with POD UX1, feeling disappointed :(
by ramin91 on 2012-11-11 08:30:21.7360

yes i am currently using the UX1's headphone jack with my senneheiser headphones because i dont have any extra 3.5mm adapters yet for my my speakers to be used instead.......nothing else is being used, just my guitar plugged into the UX1 and thats it and obviously USB from UX1 to my pc of course

Re: HELP! can't get a good tone with POD UX1, feeling disappointed :(
by ramin91 on 2012-11-11 08:31:59.5660

may i also add i'm using my UX1 as my dedictaed soundcard and have disbaled my onboard soundcard

Re: HELP! can't get a good tone with POD UX1, feeling disappointed :(
by silverhead on 2012-11-11 13:00:16.9430

The only other thing I can suggest is to uninstall and reinstall Pod Farm. I'm not a metal tone guy so can't advise you on settings.

Re: HELP! can't get a good tone with POD UX1, feeling disappointed :(
by ramin91 on 2012-11-11 13:23:42.6110

have tried that a million times lol, thanks anyway :/

Re: HELP! can't get a good tone with POD UX1, feeling disappointed :(
by patricknd90 on 2012-12-02 21:08:51.4670

1. Go to youtube and search "pod farm metal tone" or "joey sturgis tone."  Sturgis is the guy who mixes all the terrible crabcore bands, but the reason they're famous is because they have a great mixer behind them.  There are tons of videos showing you how to get a decent sound out of Pod Farm.

2. You hit the nail on the head in your first sentence- you don't know anything about amp setups!  Pod Farm isn't going to magically make your guitar sound better; you have to create a tone.  Ignore the tones that come with it and do the following instead:

a. Create a single effects chain in the Pod Farm main window.

b. Start with a noise gate.

c. Add a Tube Screamer distortion pedal with the gain at about half and the drive around 1, with the tone 75%-ish up.

d. If you have the Metal Shop expansion pack (it's $25- I highly, highly recommend it), add a Bomber Uber or a Deity Lead.  If not, add a Brit J-800, a Chemical X, or the Jumper-whatever one.

e. Either add a cab next and play with the mic (SM57 off axis with the amp close usually sounds good),

[f. OR, preferably, download an impulse response cab. Impulse responses ("IRs") are .wav files that you load into a program (there are lots of free ones out there- check out LeCab) and they emulate the sound of a cab arguably better than the Line6 models.  To do this, first download LeCab and add it to the plug-ins folder in your computer (there are tutorials on how to use IRs all over the web if I'm not being specific enough).  Next, google "metal impulses."  There's a superb free bunch of them on the Ultimate Metal forum.  Next,

g. Load up your DAW (Reason, Garageband, Reaper, Logic, Cubase, whatever).  Open the LeCab plugin. Pick one of the files in the impulses folder and load it into the cab, one for each speaker (left and right).  You're going to need to play with the settings on your pedals, and LeCab, and the amp head in Pod Farm, but this will sound about as good as you're going to get on a tight budget.  Find the Tone Vampire 1.0 or 2.0 impulses; they emulate BFMV, Meshuggah, and some other famous bands to a T.  Really great stuff.]

h. Regardless of whether you use a Line6 cab or an IR, you need to add a compressor to the end of your FX chain and play around with it.  The PodFarm one is basic but functional; if you're using Cubase or Garageband, they both have built-in multiband compressors that will let you take chunks out of the spectrum here and there to really perfect your sound.

i. Use the Line6 4-band EQ.  It's a pain in the ass to understand how to use it, but it's better than a parametric (10-band slider thingy) EQ because it will always slope the frequencies around what you're modifying so nothing sounds artificial or fake.

tl;dr you really need to play around with it and make a coherent effects chain, but trust me, especially if you grab some IRs, PodFarm is an amazing tool. 

edit: I forgot to mention, play with the amp head a lot too.  I recommend using little gain but lots of drive on the head, and little drive but lots of gain on the Tube Screamer, which should pretty much always be in your chain if you're playing metal.

Also, with the IRs and everything, it's a given that you need a DAW program to run them.  If you don't have one, I highly recommend Reaper; it's a little much for a beginner (I'm no expert myself), but it's only $60 and extremely functional. 

Finally, use some post-signal processing in your DAW like an equalizer or something, and if you're recording, double the tracks and pan them to the left and right by +20 and -20 or so.  This will give you a bigger, beefier sound that spreads across the stereo spectrum more. 

For reference, here's an example of using a DAW (Cubase here) to load IRs:">">

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