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PODxt amp, Roland KC-550 or portable pa system?
by cartmen1977 on 2012-11-11 07:17:59.3940

Hello everyone,

I have an old PODxt that I am finally trying setup a good amp for. I have tried a guitar amp and it just does not sound right. I have plugged it into an active monitor and it sounded great but I need more capabilites. I also want something more rugged that I can lug around.

I need something for my PODxt but also something that would sound really good for acoustic/electric and vocals. It should be loud enough to play gigs but easy enough just to bring to a friends house jam for awhile.

I have read great things about the Roland KC series with a POD and I am pretty set on the Roland KC-550.  Recently I had someone tell me that the 15" speaker would make my guitar too "bassy" and that I should get a portable PA system. That just doesn't seem like an option since I don't want to carry around a small PA just to go play at a coffee house or maybe give some lessons at someone's house. I want something that sounds great but has a greater number of options and versatility.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback and experience with these setups. Should I go with the Roland or a portable PA?

Re: PODxt amp, Roland KC-550 or portable pa system?
by TheRealZap on 2012-11-11 08:19:27.2620

if you need more channels a PA might be a good option... but for simply the pod, i've heard good things about the roland.

Re: PODxt amp, Roland KC-550 or portable pa system?
by mikelippert on 2013-02-26 10:22:51.7150


the easiest way is to get yourself an active full range box and using a di box going from the pod to the foh  and via link out into the active full range speaker. (RCF Art series 408 mk..)

try and you`ll see

rock on 


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