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Help: Update DT25 via HD500 MIDI
by rchibnik on 2012-11-11 17:49:56.6970

I did some searches and didn't find anything - apologies if this has been answered already.

I am trying to update my DT25 112 firmware to version 2.0. I have an HD500 connected to my Win7 laptop via USB, and the HD500 is connected to the DT25 via MIDI. HD500 out connected to DT25 In, DT25 Out connected to HD500 In. In Mokey 1.62 I click on "Change Device", then "I Dont see my device", then "Connect using MIDI cables."

Midi out shows only "Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth"  Midi IN shows an empty list. On a previous try, Midi In showed the HD500 but Midi Out only showed "Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth"

I tried using the Line 6 Audio MIDI Devices 3.54 control panel which shows my HD500. Driver version shows

I tried selecting the DT25 and running the update but that failed (understandably.)

Clearly I'm missing something. I'd like to avoid buying a USB Midi controller just to do the update -  I expect that my HD500 should serve that function.

Please, if anyone can suggest some steps that work I would appreciate it. I've done a DT25 update in the past but can't recall how I did it. My thought is that I used L6 Link, but my recent readings show me that this is not possible and everything I've seen on line suggests using MIDI is the only way.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Re: Help: Update DT25 via HD500 MIDI
by spaceatl on 2012-11-11 18:16:46.6510

that won't have have a midi interface on your computer to update your amp

Re: Help: Update DT25 via HD500 MIDI
by rchibnik on 2012-11-11 19:17:50.6970

So the MIDI interface on the HD500 is just for recording?

Re: Help: Update DT25 via HD500 MIDI
by TheRealZap on 2012-11-11 20:35:11.6350

no.... you can't record with it.... its just for hardware control, or to be controlled by other hardware....

no way to get your computer to use those ports as a midi interface.

Re: Help: Update DT25 via HD500 MIDI
by philtno on 2012-11-12 01:05:21.9680

Use Monkey and your trusty USB-Midi cable and connect your amp to your computer......Follow Monkey's's really a piece of cake :-)

Re: Help: Update DT25 via HD500 MIDI
by Stueyd on 2012-11-12 11:05:55.9950

I've been dicking around for months trying to get one of these cheapo ebay USB-MIDI units to work with any of my Line 6 products.

Endless hours trawling internet sites looking for clues, downloading dodgy drivers and doing registry hacks, all with no joy.

I finally bit the bullet last week and ordered the m-audio uno which arrived today.

Plugged it in and everything now works perfectly.

So, not ideal when you've already spent a ton of money on Line  6 gear you have to shell out another £23 just to do updates :-( but (for me anyway) it now works.

Re: Help: Update DT25 via HD500 MIDI
by evilmikehoo on 2012-11-12 11:36:15.9120

You'll eventually find other uses for it, so it's an investment in stress relief. I originally got mine for a totally different purpose a few years ago. There will be other updates in the future, I'm sure.

Re: Help: Update DT25 via HD500 MIDI
by rchibnik on 2012-11-25 16:19:30.8350

So like Stueyd I tried the cheapo route and got some USB-MIDI cables for $4 on Amazon; Took a week to arrive and of course they didnt work. So then I thought, "what could be so special about the Uno cable making it worth $40 compared to the $4 one from Amazon? It must be the driver!" Tried the M-Audio driver but of course the $4 device doesnt pretend to be the M-Audio so it ignored the drivers and used its own. So I broke down, visited Guitar Center on Black Friday weekend (shudder) and bought one for $40.

It actually didnt work the first time. The MIDI Out defaults to Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth and you have to change it to MIDISPORT Uno Out and then choose the DT25. Then it sees the amp and also displays the installed version (mine was at 1.00 so I guess I didnt update it, though I thought I did in the past.)

Anyway, all good now. Of course, since I'm using a "Dream Rig" configuration, I probably wont benefit from it, but at least I'm up to date on all my stuff (JTV/HD500/DT25.)

Now back to jamming.

Thanks for everyone who made suggestions

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