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DT50 - Crunch?
by jpelzel on 2012-11-11 21:45:26.5980

Hi all,

Proud owner of a new (to me [read used]) dt 50 112. Trying to get that top ii crunch that I have heard alot of. All that I seem to get is a clean, A very good sounding clean, mind you. But I can't seen to get that crunch that I have heard. At least not when using the amp in it's natural and desired state of being full volume mode and sans HD interface. You know, as an amp .

Only tube amp that I have had prior was a Twin. So I am not really familiar with the trick of the trade as all that did was loud clean and effin' loud clean. Also, it being used, it did not come with the idiot sheet which I think may have been actually useful in my case.

Anyway, can someone share some tips?



Re: DT50 - Crunch?
by philtno on 2012-11-12 01:03:06.2000

Have you tried all the topologies??

It should bepretty easy to achieve great crunchy sound with topologies II to IV....tweaking the Drive and Channel volume pots.

Re: DT50 - Crunch?
by jpelzel on 2012-11-12 21:37:54.7610

Yes, I have. WIth the drive pegged the most I can seem to get is a growl on top ii. Not really clipping or a crunch. If that makes sense. Top iii a little more so. Top iv seems as it should.

Re: DT50 - Crunch?
by spaceatl on 2012-11-14 10:12:41.7090

If I remembering this correctly, A stock DT50 uses the Park 75 model in top 2...That is not a high gain amp...Without a tube screamer I can get a perfect ACDC tone...However, you could update the firmware and change out the amp model on topo 2 to something a bit higher gain...

FYI: topo 3 is the AC30 and 4 is the Treadplate...The gain potential is completely different between topos because each topo setting is using a different preamp model...

Re: DT50 - Crunch?
by jpelzel on 2012-11-15 17:54:13.3500

Nope, no ACDC tone or even close. Having all controls @ noon, including the master, is pretty much a clean sound with just a hint of breakup on all tops but iv. Putting the drive to full doesn't alter it much from there if at all.

I have updated to the latest firmware and reset to be sure it wasn't set to some other preamps in the ii-iii slots.

Actually in comparing to the HD, it sounds almost exatly the the 'pre' only versions. Making me think that the power section isn't being pushed like it should. Which is strange to me as there seems to plenty of volume. And I am not getting any other strange behavior like cracks and pops or anything.

Could this be a tube or bias issue? As stated, nothing else sounds 'off'. No bad distortions either. Again, I have only had a Twin for a tube amp prior which pretty much only gives you cleans so I am not well versed in tube amp workology.

Re: DT50 - Crunch?
by spaceatl on 2012-11-16 20:53:58.7860

The drive an tonestack is completely different between the topo settings...what works on one does not behave the same way on the others...It's 4 different amps...only IV is a high gainer...

>the preamp is a digital model...the tubes are the power amp and nothing more...noon channel volume might be keeping you from pushing the power amp, but it gets pretty loud when it is pushing right...

If you pull the master knob out, the models change to full models and you can get a bit more color at lower volumes...

Re: DT50 - Crunch?
by jpelzel on 2012-12-02 08:17:50.0850

Got it sorted. I think. No matter what, I wasn't really getting anything but a clean in full power other than top 4. Barely the slightest of dist with the drive pegged and  volume shaking the windows.

I was finally able to go out and get a usb midi cable. Did a flash and some resets and it is sounding like you'd hope it would now. First flash and reset didn't seem to do anything but tried again for the heck of it and seems ok soundwise. Now I have another issue but I'll save that for it's own thread.

Thanks for everyone's insight.

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