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I will never buy any line6 product again
by Chrsto on 2012-11-14 07:04:39.4550

When I saw and heard of Line6 lowdown series, I've said to myself "now this is what I was waiting of for this long 35 years musical career". My impression was, Line6 musical products are by the conception , design and sound,  the best . I've tryed to buy it in Czech Republic (where I live), but that was a "mission impossible". All music instruments shops told me: Line6 are by the distribution and customer support very, very bad choice. Try any other brand name amplifier, you will get it. Somehow, I found lowdown 150 combo in regional Line6 dealer web shop, and ordered it. There came tottaly dead combo. Customer support replaced it  by the next combo having faulty DSP  . I called them again, and they offered  to make from two broken a one functional combo., But I told them " I have ordered a new product not a used/secondhand , so please, give me a new one". They said it is impossible with Line6 product . But recomended as best solution to reorder any other brand name product but not Line6 (oferred namely Gallien Kroeger, Ampeg,...), and they even promissed some price off .  Explaining " Sorry but,buing Line6 is asking for trouble". So I have ordered competition brand name product.

Line6 again?

No, thanks. Never, never, again!

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