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Line 6 reps; Question
by whiteop on 2012-11-14 15:34:36.1080

I received my DT-50 back from repair and it was packaged in the original box and another on the outside of it in typical fashion, however, it looks like someone took the box my amp came in and kicked the crap out of it and put holes in it and scooted it across the floor numerous times. Normally a box would be no problem. I would just throw it away and get a cover, HOWEVER, I've had to have this amp repaired twice; both times apparently for bad transformers (I sure hope you got a new vendor for your power transformers that's better quality) and have had to send it in for repair using that same box; only now it would fall apart if I shipped the amp in it.

My question is; is there a way to get a new box for it? If you don't believe me I will gladly take pics and send them to you. The box looked nothing like that when I shipped it.

Any help is appreciated.

Re: Line 6 reps; Question
by spikey on 2012-11-14 16:11:41.9030

To be honest the shipper should be the one you are asking to pay for the box damage/replacement box, and good luck with that.

Im pretty sure that you could pay for another box, but then it might wind up the same or worse once it gets to your door.

Just insure the hell out of it and be glad you got it back in one piece...

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