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Pod x3 live monitoring in Reaper
by brayto on 2012-11-15 00:29:41.2670

Hey ! I have been using the pod x3 live as my sound card and for recording with my home Windows desktop PC for a while now. I always muted the line in level of the guitar so i could monitor the processed sound in Reaper live without having the original signal blended in while tracking. I have recently switched over to a Macbook Pro and have my setup exactly the same, except on Mac in the system preferences there is no option to adjust or mute the input or output of the X3. So while tracking I have no possible way of hearing the monitored tone played back without the original signal coming through. Any thoughts ?

Re: Pod x3 live monitoring in Reaper
by brayto on 2012-11-15 06:06:01.4920

I find it hard to explain, but basicly I want it so theres no sound from my guitar until I am in my DAW (Reaper) and have record monitoring on.

Re: Pod x3 live monitoring in Reaper
by JBuchholz on 2012-11-15 23:06:54.1440


I only got my POD 2 days ago, so I'm also getting to know my way around. At first I also wondered why my guitar is heard even while the track wasnt armed and monitoring wasnt on (in Reaper). Then I found this setting on that Line6 Driver screen (Start menu / Line6 / there is a config) .... or get there via your Reaper preferences / ASIO setup.
There is a Monitoring slider there ..... if you move it all the way to the left, the Hardware monitoring is off:">">

Hope this works for you :-)


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