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More sustain/Feedback out of a Spider IV
by Gorax94 on 2012-11-15 09:35:03.3470

Hello Line6 Community,

I got a Spider IV 75 with a FBV Shortboard MKII, my guitar is a Fender Strat.

I mostly play blues/rock in the style of Hendrix, SRV (and John Frusciante).

Now to my problem:

I want to get feedback out of my amp by taking a sound with much distortion/drive...and standing in front of the amp,

but it's really hard to get any feedback for me. I have tested out many different ways, but never reached what I was looking for...

I also realised that I don't get much Sustain which I think is kind of unusual.

An example on what I mean is:

The sounds that he creates at the beginning are what I'm looking for...

I'd appreciate any help, Thanks !


Re: More sustain/Feedback out of a Spider IV
by fflbrgst on 2012-11-16 04:48:58.6670

What Strat model do you have and what pickups?  Single coil pickups are not the best for good feedback sound, although I have been able to get some good controlled feedback using my 72 Tele, at times, with lots of gain and distortion dialed in.

Have you been able to use that guitar with other amps for good feedback?  You may need to swap out your pickups.

Also, what strings are you using?  Heavier gauge/different brand might be somethign to look at.

Re: More sustain/Feedback out of a Spider IV
by Jimmikatt on 2012-11-29 03:51:07.3190

you can also get a pedal called a sustainer, which makes it very easy to get controlled feedback, and long sustaining notes.

not sure if you want tons of distortion.? it depends on the type of sound your looking for, but for SRV, Hendrix, being loud is the only way to get that feedback,

you got to remember they didn't have this amp, they used many amps and cabinets, at an extreme volume.

2nd your guitar and pickups makes a huge difference on your feedback and sustain. your looking for the note to feedback, not to squeal from a bad pickup, blow out your ears.

i can get very nice controlled feedback out of my Fender strat,  with the vintage noiseless pickups, low output,  very easy at a low volume,  using the same amp as you have with the gain set high.

i have some sounds uploaded from my amp here some where at this site, it's been a while.

Gorax94..i did watch the video, and that my friend is a sustainer he is using,

some have a pedal for it, some pros have it installed into their guitars. via a switch on the guitar.

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