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Locking Tuners for JTV-59
by adessmith on 2012-11-15 17:22:45.4750

I am waiting on my JTV-59 to come in Monday.
So far I've put locking tuners on most of my guitars, and I'm planning to eventually do this with the JTV.

However, I'm thinking of removing a set from a guitar I no longer use.... If they will work.

What I have are grover locking rotomatics. I believe they are the "mini" version.
I dont know what size the tuners are on the JTV, or if the mini will look funny. These are the ones with the "offset" mounting hole, so I think they will work without drilling new holes.
I think they are model 406c... Has anyone here tried them on the JTV? Any problems, do they look ok?
I have found some threads where people used the planet waves tuners, but I cant find anyone who have tried the grovers.

Re: Locking Tuners for JTV-59
by rsto10 on 2012-11-17 15:18:42.7130

I use Schaller - they are a direct replacement.  Check out my post here:">">

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