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Preserve battery when strictly using VDI.
by adessmith on 2012-11-15 18:47:05.7990

I know that typically Li-ion batteries do not experience they famed "memory effect" of previous technologies... However, from what I read it seems that they need to be used (charged and discharged somewhat regularly) to keep the battery healthy. (never run it all the way down and leave it without recharging for an extended period)
In fact, I have a macbook with a Li-ion battery that was not used for many months, stored with an "dead" battery, and when I recharged it and began using it again it only holds 3/4 of a charge.
My wife has a laptop that she keeps plugged in 24/7 365, and it now holds 0 charge (dies immediately on unplugging it)

Here is my concern:

I have a JTV-59 on the way, and I use a Pod X3L exclusively (direct into the PA system), when rehearsing and playing with my band, and with headphones when practicing at home.
I will use a VDI cable, and have no need for the battery. We play 1-3 times a week and rehearse once a week.
However, I occasionally (2-3 times a year) get together and jam with a few friends, and I typically will just bring my guitar and plug into my buddies amp. (I've never got a sound I like from the Pod going into an amp).
When I do this, we sometimes play for HOURS. I want to make sure my battery is in good health.

Durring my "regular usage" where I am going MONTHS on VDI, what do I do to keep the battery healthy?
Does VDI charge the battery durring use? Will it run down and eventually damage the battery if I never take it out and charge the battery?

Re: Preserve battery when strictly using VDI.
by silverhead on 2012-11-15 20:50:25.2960

No, VDI does not charge the battery during use.

I would keep the battery in the charger - not in the JTV - when using the VDI connection. I would also purchase a spare battery, and rotate the two in the charger. To be extra sure, you might want to use the battery rather than the VDI for some practice sessions. You could manually set the Variax model rather than rely on the X3L patch recall for those practice sessions, and continue to use it until nearly drained. Then recharge fully.

EDIT: I'll take back the above advice. I'd go with the link/advice mdmayfield provided below. Thanks, mdmayfield.

Re: Preserve battery when strictly using VDI.
by mdmayfield on 2012-11-16 08:04:27.7270

This is interesting: Lithium-Ion Battery Best Practices from

It seems fairly complex. According to that document, if the battery is unused for a long time, it will retain its capacity (not charge; capacity) the longest if it's with stored between a 30-50% charge, but not allowed to go much lower.

They say that leaving it in a device or charger "will result in storing a battery with 100% charge. The battery will not be overcharged, but it will age quicker." My experience leads me to believe that while this won't preserve the batter as well as storing it at 30-50%, it's still easier on the battery than constantly discharging and recharging it.

Re: Preserve battery when strictly using VDI.
by mdmayfield on 2012-11-16 08:05:15.1020


Whoops. Thought we were talking about pancakes, or baseball.

Re: Preserve battery when strictly using VDI.
by adessmith on 2012-11-17 09:42:31.0690

I wonder what the self-dishcarge rate is?

If I "store it" with 50% charge, how long before it is dead?

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